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Monday, November 30

The Best Schezuan/Sichuan Food in Hamilton

It kind of makes me sad that I discover a place like this after leaving University (since I could have been eating there the whole time!), but Rouge River Restautant on James Street probably has the best Sichuan food I've had outside of the Mainland, and that ain't no joke...because delicious food is no laughing matter...unless its carnival food..

Anyway, it takes a true Beijinger like my buddy David to find a place like this, and you know you're in for a treat when EVERYONE there speaks hardcore Mandarin and there are chili peppers floating around in everything.

I would be scared of the saying, "Its twice as hot coming out" if my digestive track weren't made of of steel...but it is, so it was smooth sailing this morning. I can't say the same for any random white guy that happened to wander in there.

Rouge River Restaurant Hamilton

FYI the 2 of us finished everything...that's a lie.