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From dragon boating to mountain biking, to road trips and travels overseas - this is me trying to enjoy life. Clock out at 5, eat, drink and don't forget to smile a lot.

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Friday, December 31

Time for the most overrated night of the year


FYI: Glen Eden night skiing is $20 Monday > Wednesday...not Thursday. At least the park pass is out of the way now.

Bombs away!

Thursday, December 30

JAPAN Trip 2010 - Part 4: We love penguins/Tokyo Sea Life Park!

This morning's update is brought to you by: crazy ass fog.

You know, realizing that I'm gonna have 5 days of skiing in Vermont to edit in less than a week made me get my Premiere Pro on, but what's even worse is that 3/5 people going on this ski trip own GoPros too. That's a lot of film.

Nevertheless, I threw together part 4 last night because I began to think that my casual part time hobby is somehow going to consume a lot of time. Seriously, I have at least 2 more edits left for this Japan series and I'm not ashamed to admit that everything editing is taking a back seat to COD...now if I could only find a girlfriend who shares the same interests...

It's a good thing I have this awesome computer though to play Black Ops on because, by my broad estimation, anything less would be too painful to slice and dice mp4s with. I'm finding that the hardest part of the whole process is usually just choosing a song and feeling it. If you ain't feeling it, then you might as well just forget about it cause the edit would probably suck even more.

Wednesday, December 29

Baby want burrito.

Well, it's back to the office and it sucks - at least no one is around to make me do work give me any problems.

I don't know if you guys did any boxing day shopping but I didn't. Actually, I did buy one thing on impulse but it was online...more on that later (probably). Not having to roam around the hoards of savages is worth the wait on shipping, plus the natural light outside of my parents' basement burns my skin and hurts my eyes.

Anyhow, Christmas made me broke. With the impending ski trips quickly approaching I think that I'm just going to have to do the right thing by digging in and playing Black Ops for a few weeks while I regenerate funds...yeah, that justifies it right?

FYI there are now 3 Burrito Boyz within 10-15 minutes from my lair - my bowels cry for mercy.

Tuesday, December 28

I'm an awesome skier (but probably not)

You know, the first ride for the year is a pretty pitiful event a shameful showing is usually pretty casual and not a long day. That's pretty much why we like to hit it in somewhat secrecy so we can get our act together bang off the old rust before we try to impress our so called friends.

I've been skiing with the same old crew for like 10 years and we're awesome - believe that. But when it comes to the new school though, we haven't really progressed all that much because our knees are weak and it takes too long for broken bones to heal. As much as I'd like to grind every rail and jump every jump, I've gotta go for knee in a few months and dude's gotta get a brace asap. Oh what it is to be young - wait until your turn, children.

Regardless though, it's good to get the first time out of the way especially since we're hitting the East coast in a week, but more importantly the West coast in February...

Gotta get into shape...

Monday, December 27

Axis of Awesome vs. Tetrastar

4 chords song, who you got!?!

If you don't know about this, using 4 chords you can pump out pretty much every pop song evar. The Tetrastar has some more updated songs but Axis version is the original - both awesome.

Tetrastar is awesome.

Sunday, December 26

Seasons beatings...

An oldie but a goodie...

Saturday, December 25


The nice part about midnight mass is that you will probably get a seat. The not so nice part is hoping that strangers get past the fact that you're sweating and it smells like turkey.

Let the celebration begin! Merry Christmas everyone - be happy and don't forget to smile a lot.

Friday, December 24

This is our decision to live fast and die young we've got the vision now let's have some fun!

Just one more day! Cupcake battle: red velvet with cream cheese icing & raspberry vs. plane jane with lemon royal icing & strawberry - who you got?

Boxed cakes are for suckas. ARE YOU READY!?!?

Thursday, December 23

Season's Eatings!

While getting some delicious Peking duck with the sis and cos last night I was totally not impressed with the fact that they were both wearing sweatpants to an otherwise fancy decent restaurant - not even sweatpants, but those plaid pajama pant things, in public. I frown upon it with great contempt.

I'll admit it, I've worn sweatpants in public in the past, but that was before I got a job and I was also in grade two at the time. I don't believe that looking like a bum because you think you may be marginally more comfortable while taking notes in a lecture hall, going to the supermarket or eating at a restaurant is the way to go. You should probably buy some better clothes or wear pants that actually fit.

There are only 5 situations where it's acceptable to wear sweatpants in public:

  1. You are going to play sports.
  2. They are underneath your snowpants.
  3. You are homeless.
  4. You are a girl and they are manufactured by Lululemon.
  5. Competitive eating competition.
Anyhow, what I wanted to mention is that this is the season of packing on the pounds over-indulgence, but can you really blame anyone? Eat, drink and be merry!

In other news, I made it some randoms and I were able to make it to level 17 in Kino Der Toten last night. I only played like 3 levels on the single player campaign before going multiplayer but I think I'm gonna have to buy a mic headset to up my game, is that so wrong?

I'm glad that I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, because considering that I only bought this game one day ago COD is consuming my life I've been playing a fair bit of it.

One day left!

Wednesday, December 22

need. more. coffee.

This week has been a shit storm at work - I should have probably not stayed up until 3:30 playing zombies.

At least this thing cheered me up on an otherwise crappy day can't wait for the xmas break to begin gloomy morning. Every now and again someone sends something into PostSecret that's so awesome I have to tell somebody - here's what someone mailed today.


Tuesday, December 21

TRON: Sucks

It was pretty disappointing when we found out that the Dirty Heads/illscarlett concert got sold out on Friday, so instead we ended up going to see Tron in IMAX 3D. The only thing more depressing than not getting in to that concert was the fact that when I asked the ticket lady girl if the late show was going to be super busy, she called her friend over and they both laughed as she pointed to us from behind the glass saying, "these guys". Stellar.

Anyhow, the movie wasn't as great as I expected. Don't get me wrong, the first half was crazy and worth the extra few bucks for the IMAX + 3D. But then after the first hour of action the intensity level dropped from about 125% to 20%, then the movie just eventually ended.

But up until that point, it was gold...

Pretty much everything beyond the heart to heart talks on that light train (and any scene with that awkward and totally inconvenient transport ship pictured above) should have just been replaced with more light cycle fighting.

I also enjoyed the fact that when we grabbed drinks/eats at Turtle Jack's before the movie, for whatever reason everyone there was super dressed up except for us. Imagine people in their work clothes or girls wearing skirts and stuff, then we cruise in wearing concert tees and sneakers asking for some pitchers and wings. It's not like the place is very fancy, in fact the prices are very reasonable and pretty much on par with any other Montana's, Boston Pizza or Jack Astor's, but for whatever reason people somehow took it more seriously...and the waitresses there are all smokin'.

In other movie related news, looks like my favorite movie franchise is back in action and now featuring my favorite actor, The Rock! Thanks to Jon for the heads up.

Monday, December 20

JAPAN Trip 2010 - Part 3: Tsukiji Tuna Auction Madness!

I'm not exactly sure how songs from Lungs are somehow getting tons of air time these days considering that they're apparently singles released back in 2008. The mob is fickle (I guess). It's kind of like that time I could't stop listening to Breed and Daylight for those 2 weeks back in summer, but with more sweating not as socially accepted.

Anyhow, the journey continues with day 5 of the trip which showcases the Tsukiji tuna auction, the market, some sushi eating, wandering around Roppongi Hills (aka the super posh area where we couldn't afford to buy anything), then shopping at Akihabara Electric City.

I don't ever purposely time scenes to match up for the YouTube thumbnails, but the fact that this one fell onto a thumbs up makes me smile on an otherwise crappy Monday. Watch out for the scenes where they carve the tunas with badass huge knives and the GTR getting waxed. Christmas in 5!

Friday, December 17

Facebook fails again, even more creepiness to ensue. Download in High Resolution? WTF

So during my facebook stalking sessions online travels, I recently noticed this Download in High Resolution link popping up on some pictures, even on mine.

Is it that bad? Well, considering that is is a picture of some random person I'm not even friends with who just happened to comment on some comment that one of my friends commented on, then yeah I think that functionality is kind of pretty awesome inappropriate.

I guess it's something you might want to look out for, so don't act like you don't know. Time to re-evaluate my account settings...again.

Update: It's happened to me and I have no idea how to disable this...somebody save me.

Jingle Bell Rock (ON)

I'm finally getting snow tires installed today - what a long, ridiculous and costly journey that has been. I guess there's no excuse now when I nail another pedestrian. Anything car related was so much easier in the summer - pumping gas when its -22°C gets less and less enjoyable every time.

Groundhog Hill

I also kind of want to see this tonight but then I also hate going to that sketchy part of town. Who's in?

The Edge’s Jingle Bell Rock With The Dirty Heads Feat ill Scarlett and Rebel Emergency
102.1 The Edge Presents The Dirty Heads as part of The Edge Jingle Bell Rock Concert Series - Hosted by Josie Dye

WHERE · Phoenix Concert Theatre
WHEN · Friday, December 17 @ 9:00 PM
AGE · 19 and Over
PRICE · $22.50 + FF & S/C
STATUS · On Sale Now

Thursday, December 16

Winter is just destroying my fuel efficiency

Wednesday, December 15

Getting over the hump (day)...meanwhile some random pictures of Tokyo...

The third installment of the Japan videos is taking a little longer than expected, mostly because I have no idea what type of music goes with some guy screaming at a tuna auction. Anyhow, all the clips are chopped up and it's just a matter of putting them together...at least that's what I'm telling myself.

In the meanwhile, here are a few pics my sister took and an enjoyable music video to tide you over. We got pictures for days, son.

Tuesday, December 14

I definitely missed the boat on winter tires...

The early winter, where it's like freezing but without any real snow, is a pretty BS period of time. Some commuters magically believe that wet roads + freezing temperatures = my car performs better...but somehow it just doesn't add up to them when they rear end the poor sap in front. For the rest of us it just means that our commute gets longer for no good reason, which for me means that I get to eat a cold PB&J sandwich and get crumbs all over my car instead of a warm toasted one sitting on the can in my kitchen.

The two things that I don't enjoy the most about my commute is that by the time I get to work my car has only just begun to warm up, and my weighted metal shift knob (which burns the shift pattern into my palm in the summer) holds the cold really, really well. 4 fast 4 4urious 4 life!

Monday, December 13

Another miscellaneous Monday...

Looking back at this picture now, our gingerbread house may have possibly been a bit of a train wreck, but probably not. I still stand by it 100% and think we lost only because everyone was so jealous of our groundbreaking design and m4D_5kiLlZ. What's sort of hidden is the skull and crossbones on the roof (behind the amazing palm tree/christmas star) and the candy cane impaled gingerbread child laying on the front lawn. The theme was Christmas around the World/Pirates.

The only thing more breath taking than the design was the fact that I almost got smoked by it when it was thrown off the 12th story balcony (by my own teammate). It's a good thing that I'm such a smooth operator, because I didn't even react flinch when it was flying towards my face.

The only thing more outrageous impressive than that whole ordeal was this one guy I met the next day at a Jersey Shore themed birthday party, who went all out. Not only did he do the orange tan his face, draw fake tattoos on his neck/cheek with permanent black sharpie, but he shaved a V into his otherwise burly thick chest hair so he could orange tan that area to compliment his low cut v-neck tshirt. I know this (unfortunately) because he took of his shirt to show off his hair/awesome ab and someone pointed it out. Party with that guy, trust me. Like I said, ALL OUT.

Saturday, December 11

Can't wait to get back to Banff

You know, since pops used to live in Calgary spending winters and summers in Banff was no big deal back then. Now, two hours from Toronto gets you to Blue Mountain. Lame.

Back to Calgary

Friday, December 10

The first rule of Fight Club...I mean the Gingerbread House Throwdown is...

I like the show Throwdown with Bobby Flay because he boasts an impressive 31/100 win record and I also enjoy the fact that he tricks you, practices for a few days, comes to your home town and then challenges you at making some food you've most likely spent years trying to perfect and made a name for yourself with in front of all of your friends and family.

It's a real douchebag move, but pretty entertaining. After 8 seasons you think that people would kind of expect it because the odds of the Food network coming to your hometown and making a special about you for an obscure show that doesn't exist is so possible.

Anyway, I've been lucky enough to get an invite to a 1st ever ginger bread house building competition aka Throwdown. What I enjoy the most about it is that the rules were documented an sent well in advance to the competitors. I also enjoy that it includes obliteration. Looks like it's game time, minus the sneakers and profuse sweating.

What you don't see in that screenshot is the 2nd page with aerial map, that's labelled and color coded, to make the logistics of the night easy for everyone - talk about a good host. If I were organizing this, everyone would probably get parking tickets and we'd probably all just end up getting drunk off eggnog/mulled wine, then eating all the candy (because I didn't buy any gingerbread).

Thursday, December 9

Christmas is for winners!

Being close to the money must be real nice, not that I would even know it... While the hundreds of people in IT who actually keep the company running get a long buffet lunch at the International Center, the entire Finance department gets an open bar Gala with taxi chits included after work. It's especially jolly when it's rubbed in your face and they say they'll have drinks for you.

We also had our other supplemental office lunch and gift exchange yesterday - leave it to the Russian guy to abruptly end the stealing game and shout, "I win!" While it's pretty much a whole day thing, it ain't no Gala.

Meanwhile no one stole this from me after I blindly opened it...

Scrabble is kind of the wrong game for someone who can barely put together a blog post...re-gift!

Update: Check out this amazing word I threw down after theshady challenged me. Despite giving away the double word, I regret nothing. I'm also somehow under the impression that every 10 year old person I play against is going to use dictionary.com to score the most ridiculous words ever.

Wednesday, December 8

Mission: Do Christmas Shopping = COMPLETE

I'm not going to lie, I've somehow turned into an even bigger a legitimate bum ever since I got back form Japan - the experience has somehow ruined me forever. It's sort of like I'm in Inception because I can't seem to get a grip on real life, but not as cool because I don't have any shaman powers - that's what the movie was about right?.

I know that I've hit peak bum life since I haven't done any real exercise since returning and managed to get a calf cramp when exiting the mall after 3.75 hours into the frigid darkness (while inconveniently carrying a gigantic cuisinart ice cream maker amongst other crap things) and sprinting doing a light jog to avoid the frigid wind chill. This is bad news since Ski Trip #1 of 2010 (do you like how I capitalized that) is less than a month away.

And other than work, I've only left the house under my own will roughly 6 times since getting back, and those were for various illegitimate reasons too. If I weren't so susceptible to friend guilt or unhealthy delicious food then I would have just stayed in and watched every single episode of Man vs. Food and catch up on South Park...oh wait I did that already. I'm going to go ahead and blame this on the weather and my lack of winter tires...yeah that sounds about right.

Time to shape up...except for the fact that my mom "accidentally" threw away my running shoes when I tried to pack my gym bag last night (for the first time since who knows when) and I gotta go buy some new ones (because the other dozen casual shoes I own would lead to severe, if not fatal, ankle sprains if used).

It's gotta be the shoes...

Tuesday, December 7

London got dumped on...

While we got nothing but dirty gypsy spit here in the GTA, looks like the London folks got some serous snow - talk about the first snowfall for the season... A colleague sent this over as they WFH.

And I'm complaining about winter tires...

Damn winter tires...

Leave it to me to wait until it actually starts snowing before I look for snow tires since struggling + me somehow go hand in hand around the Christmas season...

It seems like I definitely missed the boat on this winter tires thing since I went to Costco last night and waited in line for about 20 mins only to be told that there are no 205/55/16 in stock in any brand...go and order it online they said, it's the only way. They were all sold out there as well.

Looks like I gotta hit up some sketchy cash only joint where the the mechanic's name is Ricardo and he's got cheeseburger stains all over his one piece to find something in stock...

Hakone, Japan 14
Hakone, Japan 9
Hakone, Japan 19
View from the Tokyo Hotel 1

Monday, December 6

JAPAN Trip 2010 - Part 2: Asakusa, Tokyo Tower and Shibuya!

What do me and Traveling Circus have in common? Our episode twos both dropped yesterday night - high five!

Sunday, December 5

Is it me or did Geared just get super hard at level 80?

Get it while it's free I guess...

Saturday, December 4

And the search for winter tires begins...

Sunrise from the Tokyo Hotel 1