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From dragon boating to mountain biking, to road trips and travels overseas - this is me trying to enjoy life. Clock out at 5, eat, drink and don't forget to smile a lot.


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Friday, April 29

Looks like I'm "that guy" with a white watch now...

My old G-Shock ran out of battery is busted so I was in the market for a new sports watch (that can withstand my intense physical training and time my 15 mins - 2 km runs). After having 2 G-Shocks, this time I ended up getting a new Timex off eBay for $34. It's a little smaller than the Casios but at least this means I can actually bend my wrist now.

Best feature: can set alarms to go off on only weekdays.
Worst feature: the alarm goes off twice if you let it ring out.


Thursday, April 28

Life's simple. You make choices and you don't look back.

The following is a unabridged chat log, with the names we had at the time, from the days when I didn't own like 5 blazers and drank Crest Super all day, aka University. Kait happened to come across it while sifting through her old hotmail account and sent it my way. Looking back we probably could of had our own TV show like Jersey Shore Seinfeld of us just being real 24/7, because this is how we roll.

Its history will now live forever on teh intranets.

kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
well if he gets lots of feedback of ppl interested he'll ahve it CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
but to be clear, i may totally ditch out if my cousins come up and theres an af bash CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
but i've heard nothing of one so i have no idea CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
cause usually new years tickets for stuff go out real early, i still don't understnad how the madison is so cheap though, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
but at least you gave us warning kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
but still horrible kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
me neither kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
that's the one good and kinda sketch thing CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
like it seems like a pretty huge place, but at $5 a ticket it could be sardines in a can and not classy cause its so cheap CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
but alex's would totally not be classy either, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i'd make it classy kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i'd totally dress up a bit if we went tohis house CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i might wear shorts CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
and a t shirt CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
but i plan on buying a baller ass suit boxing day kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
and flip flops? CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
no just bare feet CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
in theory he could make it a classy upscale party CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
it would just be the same but we'd dress a little nicer, like i'd wear a wool sweater and a blazer or something CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
and khakis kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i like the sounds of that kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
lets propose that kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
but we gotta get mar and james and kevin on the alex party team CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i'm good with that kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
wicked kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i already have a potential outfit in my head CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
forget mar and james, just kevin, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
if i get this jacket i want for christmas kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
haha you me alexand his queens friends CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i always wanted to wear a blazer CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
on some other day than halloween, as an actual outfit, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i'm a big fan of guys in blazers kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
watch out CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
hah kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
hahah kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i'm a fan of fitted jackets for myself CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i hope this boxing day has real sweet deals cause i plan on balling CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
...if there's sweet deals, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
there most likely will be kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
here or bullafo? CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
here kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
cool kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
well ball it up for new years kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
didn't you buythat star shirt last boxing day CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
sounds good kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
ooh wear that shirt w/ the blazer? CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
close, i bought this tommy shirt i wore for new years last year, it was so expensive, i think i've only wore it one other time kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
oh ya CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
or maybe two, and both were to club with asians, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i odn't think i've ever seen it kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
hey did dean tel you about squeeze next friday? CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
yeah but i got exams kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
for his bday CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
and christime is having a party too the next day kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
i got a potential date kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
ya are you goin to that one? CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
neither kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
you suck balls CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
yeah, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
man alive kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
the exam party is tricky though CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
kevin plans on partying it up, he's been in relax mode all semester, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
haha sweet kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
ya he really has bee kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
n CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
hes like a magician, lol kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
if he fails he'll learn his lesson kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
hahaha CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
hahaha CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i like the sounds of this dressing up nice for new years, its usually a classy affair anyway kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
it is. who cares if we're in a house kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
we can still class it up CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
yeah its a theme party CHANG vs. EXAMS says:
i should just copy and paste this conversation and email it to alex kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
haha we're making the theme for alex's party kait - lets kick it like tae-bo...greatest moment in time says:
you should
...and I did. If you didn't figure it out, our friend Alex wanted to throw a New Years Eve party at his estate and we wanted to class it up. This is actually just the email that I forwarded him and cc'd her on - she she just forwarded it back to me.

Those were the days...

Wednesday, April 27

Girl, did you fall from heaven because your face is f****ed up...

Dear PSN, you (still) suck.

FDchick, what a boss - into cars, awesome at games, funny and seemingly hot.

Tuesday, April 26

The dog days are over.

It's always embarrassing interesting to see a new guy come into the gym and fail to use the equipment. Always.

Yesterday this dude came into the cardio area to try and use the ellipticals. He stood next to 4 or 5 of them, started pushing some buttons, couldn't activate any, then left the gym forever in shame never to return.

The best part is that all you have to do is hop on and start using one and it will light up. Of course I didn't say anything but that's because I'm a hater, and it's not like some huge secret or anything. I mean you would think that when the 20 other people saw this struggler they might say something to the guy, but I guess they're just haters too.

Anyway, my aunt has these two dogs, the younger female Pebbles is actually bigger than the older male Max. Go figure. Luckily she's not one of those people who like to kiss their dogs in the mouth because that's just gross. They look pretty delicious cute.

Monday, April 25

LINE Traveling Circus 3.6 Van of Fools

The season finale. It's officially Spring.

...brb prestige. 5 things I hate about Black Ops.

I've been sitting at commander for a while now and I guess it's about time for me to do my first prestige. Really what's been keeping me here is that I don't want to give away all my pro perks because that stuff is pretty hard earned. Like seriously.

I learned a lot of shit things getting here, the most important being that I suck at computer games and the second being that $60 can buy you a hell of a lot of entertainment. No joke. Compared to a night out it's practically an investment because you spend a lot less in one day and that thing lasts until the next best thing comes out like forever. Now only if I could find a girlfriend who sees it the same way...

Playing can also be pretty frustrating though but here's what I hate the most:

  • Ghost Pro - I hate to generalize but a lot of the time ghost = camper, especially in FFA you might as well call it Algonquin Park Mode. I went for pro right away because I thought I could creep on fools, but while it's nice to not have to worry about being seen by spy planes or cobras it only takes a second to shoot either down. I won't waste my time for it again. Going 7 and 7 while laying down in a bush really helps out your team. Great job dude.

    Like I said, carry around a strela - it's like instant ghost because it only takes 2 seconds to let one fly, so why not. I also love making dudes get a super productive 2 kills with gunship/chopper gunner, it's great. You help out you team too Gollum.

  • Zombies - Too many haters / host rage quitters. Also takes like 2+ hours for one game and you can't even get up to take a piss (more haters).

  • Tubes - These are pure cheese so I use them all the time. I don't think this kind of thing even exists in real life, except maybe within circles of practicing wizards.

    Other than feces, I don't know of anything that someone could throw at you which would make you instantly move in super-slow motion for about 2 seconds so you can't even turn around. Tactical Mask Pro FTW.

  • Nuketown - Worst map ever. I played this a lot initially to level up quickly, but gaining XP doesn't mean gaining skill so I wasted a lot of time / KDR on it. Using a flame thrower or playing gun game in this level is super fun but there are other better maps.

  • Teammates Who Block Other Teammates - Aside from totally cock blocking you and giving someone an easy double, like wtf. Stop crouching or side strafing in doorways directly in front of people. As much as I appreciate you jumping in front of my gun during a gunfight, blocking my view of anything and getting us both killed, they're not very tactical positions (last time I checked).

    This is why I run lone wolf.

Anyway, until I get to 15 prestige I won't waste my time and get more than 1 pro perk per slot. Just not worth if I gotta keep giving it up. Let's go with lightweight, sleight of hand and ninja this round.

Now let's check out some of my stats to see how much of a n00b I am. Since I bought it in mid-December: 1 day 5 hours 19 mins and 21 seconds of my life that I'll never get back multiplayer, here's what I have to show...

I'm pretty good consistent alright with at least breaking even every round nowadays, but to actually rebound and get my overall KDR back to 1.0 took me FOREVER - something like a 560 kill deficit was not easy to recover from. My old strategy proved to be not so effective to say the least. It wasn't until I hit about lvl 45 when I changed my loadouts and wised up that my scores went from disgraceful to decent.

Also, I really don't find that you need stuff like marathon pro and since it takes way longer to ADS while running and if you're up against anyone decent you're dead in that case. I used it initially because I was all like OMG BLACK OPS MUST RUN AROUND MAP DOLPHIN DIVE ON EVERYTHING AND GET KILLS ALL THE TIME, but in the end I found something like hacker or ninja more useful.

At one point I was actually at like 0.6 (which is pretty embarrassing). I try not to sweat it but shit people see that noise...

As you can see, I prefer to shoot people in the dick...

Here's my player card - it gets show to every person you kill / is like slapping them in the face. Get real n00b.

It took me like 45 mins to make this iteration. I've seen one guy with a pretty accurate Homer Simpson head once before, and let me tell you there is no Homer Simpson head shape. Notice the blonde in my background...

Now that this is out of the way I'm enforcing a Black Ops ban until I finish this last Japan video maybe. With dragon boat season straight ahead and a shit-load of regattas all summer, I can see the encoding queue growing already probably. I build houses on empty promises.

Friday, April 22

Remember children, stay fly.

Thursday, April 21


This week has been awful. I had my bike in my trunk all week and never used it, I've had to sleep on the couch and floor because of this damn renovation and my back hurts, my computer has been tucked away in a corner under some towels somewhere, all my clothes are covered in wood dust, people have been riding me at work for no reason and my groin hurts probably from some weird ass exercise I did at some point.

Yesterday I was in a class as we did this one exercise where we had our legs/butt sticking straight up against the wall, back on the mat and then you had to reach up and touch your toes as long as you could. Once your shoulders touch the mat, it's game over and you get up and reposition yourself back in the center of the room for the next thing. So I'm like struggling pretty hard and after who knows how long and I get up to go back...turns out I was the first one. Awesome. I blame it on the beer/wings from the previous night / chicks have stamina I guess.

But you know what? Something tells me that it's going to be all right...

Let me analogize it to something else: I went to do one cardio class on Tuesday and they marked it on the board that it was going to be taught by some dude named Anthony, so I thought it was going to be super gay. But then when I showed up it was this cute chick named Marie and all those haters (aka other dudes who started showing up because I started doing these classes) weren't there either.

I am so happy this week is nearly over. Happy Easter you heathens.

Time to be chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool...

Tuesday, April 19

Spring starts when a heartbeat's poundin'

I've come to terms with the fact that my weekends are going to suck starting in May. My Saturday/Sunday combo consists of dragon boat at 8:30am and 11:30am respectively, so I can see a lot of DD in my near future or just not showing up to practices. Heavy exercise when you're hung over is the worst because vomit tastes disgusting.

At least practices are at Sunnyside (aka my side of TO) instead of Balmy Beach (aka that disgusting bay where the sewage treatment plant dumps into), so getting water splashed in eyes/mouth/face will feel less like getting AIDS splashed in your eyes/mouth/face.

At this point I've probably thrown away about 60% of what I owned including clothes and other crap I've collected throughout the years. I've whittled most of my belongings down to a bed, 2 dressers, desk and whatever can fit in those...and my closet...and that book shelf in the basement (out of sight out of mind right?). Aside from my sports stuff that's it. The plan is to buy much less from here on out but top better quality, what I like to call balling anti-hoarding.

The room's empty, stripped down to the floor boards and will soon be topped with fine hardwood, after which I will buy a new bed-frame and Feng Shui the shit out of a more pimp layout.

I can't wait until this zeus-forsaken renovation is over...

Monday, April 18

Superman Blue FTL...

Dragon boat season is ramping up despite the fact that it was snowing eye-ball sized snowflakes yesterday (I measured it...) - Swordfish finished up with their pool practices, Banana Boat got together to kick off the season and both teams hit the water in 2 weeks. Last year it was actually snowing during our first lake practice so I peed my pants to keep warm and played it off as getting splashed by the chick in front of me. The warmth was short lived as it quickly froze over and left me with stiff pants.

I think this is the first time BB has what seems to be an actual surplus of crew members since ever. Count on people to jump on the bandwagon when we started winning races but let it be known that shit don't come easy. Maybe our reputation precedes us...but probably not.

I don't know how the coach/captains will handle the fact that the boat only holds 20 people and we have like 50 members, so I'd imagine they'll have to work out a practice rotation or something before the n00bs QQ all over the place. It'll probably work out due to the drop out factor, sketchy people just not showing up to anything and others who believe that not replying to an email is a valid response. I'm glad I don't even have enough friends to form a tennis doubles team, so I don't have to deal with issues like that ever.

In other news, during the clean I managed to find some comics tucked away in a corner. It's an issue from the arc where Superman actually turns Blue, loses his regular powers and gets electricity based ones. Yeah, that's right it happened.

Mint condition, maybe it'll be worth $20 some day...

Thursday, April 14

So they opened a Tako Sushi in Mississauga

So by now I guess I'm pretty accustomed to getting my ass kicked by high-schoolers and fit moms, so yesterday I gave a go at this muscleworks class going on because I figure they're probably accustomed to seeing this red faced, super sweaty fat guy trying doing weird exercises at the gym too.

The YMCA program describes muscleworks as: A workout focusing on muscle conditioning, which may incorporate such equipment as hand weights, weighted bars, resistance tubing and/or stability balls.

I describe it as doing like a million super fast or super slow reps of exercises to loud music while holding weights and balancing on one leg and then you get down on a mat and do 10 mins of leg exercises that injure your groin. It's seems like a pretty full body workout and at one point you're even exercising your shin muscles. You's be surprised how heavy an 8lb weight gets when you're holding it above your head doing stuff for like 5 mins. Shit is serious.

The regular instructor was away so we had the same cutie boxfit instructor from the day before teach this class. I'm not sure how she does it but she's one sexy beast because as soon as she finished with the muscleworks class she went on and taught a boxfit one right after.

I think I found a solid Tuesday/Wednesday combo leading into my Thursday slo-pitch league which will most likely be a fitness regression or sorts due to the beer and wing consumption factor afterwards. And I mean you really just stand or sit there most of the time anyway. Come to think of it, Saturday/Sunday dragon boat workouts might also be cancelled out because of the team lunches which we will no undoubtedly have on patios afterwards throughout the summer. I guess I gotta watch what I eat somewhat if I really want to lose weight. Speaking of which...

Anyway, I ate at that new Mississauga Tako Sushi location yesterday (right next to Bombay Chopsticks) and for $69.99 you can get a more than decent dinner for 4 which includes stuff like lobster, lamb chops, 30 pieces of sushi, mussel miso soup, scallops on the half shell, + other food and veg that for you to box for next day lunch. Price wise it's cheaper than Prince or Wasabi or Imperial but you probably get just as much food and you can take home the remainder if you want.

We also opted to get three of the biggest ever oysters any of us had ever seen. At $2.75/a piece even the passing by owner boasted about how they were somehow really big yesterday. I'm not sure how long ago they opened but they still have opening special deals going on, so it's another feather you can add to your restaurant meal hat.

I've also been reading those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books heh. They're super short and simple (because they're meant for children FYI) but they're also pretty funny. Good toilet read...

"Step on a crack, break your momma's back!
Yeah, right.
Hey, Timmy, your mother slipped on a banana peel, and P.S. she is dead.
Zoo-Wee Mama!

Wednesday, April 13

The Great Life Purge of 2011 continues...

So yesterday after hopping off the elliptical (because the woman next to me just smelled too much) I casually strolled into this Boxfit class that was about to begin, because why not?

It's one of those mass classes that go on, and by mass I don't mean that tons of people do it but rather it just takes place in a big gym instead of a studio. Because it's in a big space, it's far less intimidating than sitting directly in front of the cyclefit instructor, but also pretty embarrassing easy for good looking girls people to see you what's going on since the track encircles it from above.

Not many guys ever seem to do these Y classes so I make sure to stay away from them when I do, aka that one tall/old guy that wears a headband and hangs out in the very back of the class in this case. In fact it was him, me and this one teen there amongst maybe 40 girls. I strategically placed myself in the front mid-right sector so they wouldn't assume I was just there to stare at asses, so instead they can stare at mine and I can wink at them when I catch them.

I've never done Tae Bo before but from what I gather this is pretty much the same thing (except that the instructor is a cute young chick instead of a super jacked black guy wearing colorful beaters). It involves throwing a lot of air punches, high kicks, jumping around, squatting on the spot and some mat exercises to fast paced music. It also involves me red faced and profusely sweating (whats new?) so I can only assume it's a good workout. You would guess though that a hip instructor chick my age would pick some cooler music but I guess the Quad City DJs never gets old - haters gonna hate I guess. It also requires a fair bit of timing and coordination so you don't look like a fool and jump kick the person next to you (because I'm smooth like that).

Now check out this little gem that I found while decimating my archives - it's a drawing from the back of a notebook that I did while "studying" in Beijing circa 2007. I threw it into the recycling trash like a boss.

Did you guys hear the Dean Blundell Show/What Happen this morning? WOW, she definitely wins.

Monday, April 11

Spring cleaning taken to the next level...

I can honestly say that this home renovation thing has just been ultra disruptive to my general flow of life. After the main floor and washrooms have been tiled by these drunk italian guys this gang of Polish dudes are now all up in my space doing the hardwood. As far as I can tell these guys are ready to pump some fists at any given moment, and I actually think one guy was wearing an Xtreme Couture sweater when I passed him by the other day. No doubt that they are listening to Z103.5 traveling in their work van. Anyhow, they do good work and have finished up the main floor but now that means they are moving on upstairs...

Despite my mom assuring me that hardwood upstairs is the thing now, I don't know what the appeal to having it in the bedrooms is. The first thing that I'll probably do is throw down a nice shag carpet and then pile my furniture on top of that. I can't imagine getting out of bed and having bare feet hit cold Brazilian hardwood in the middle of the winter. And house slippers are gay.

Anyway, the fact that I physically have to move every single thing out of my room then back is a real good opportunity to purge all the crap I've collected in my 20-odd years of awesomeness. And man have I purged. Old trophies, models I built, souvenirs, notes - I threw that stuff away like a boss. Basically anything that I haven't looked at or used in less than 6 months has been tossed in the garbage and it feels damn good (see you in hell lame childhood memories). I'm turning a new leaf and going minimalist and hoping to stay that way despite my poor spending habits.

Like man, I can't wait until this is all done and I can sit around in some place other than my room in chaos. At least the cousins have given me refuge in these hard, hard times...

Friday, April 8

Cyborg RAT gaming mouse...too hot to handle

On the theme of me not having any self control I just wanted show you this mouse I just bought. It's pretty baller but - as far as I can tell - hasn't helped me up my game in the least. It's kind of disappointing actually because I've now run out of excuses as to why my KDR is so low... Anyhow, here's what I've been working with.

LOGITECH MX REVOLUTION - I've had this one for years, it still works perfectly and holds it's charge like a bauss. The hyper-scroll wheel is super baller though, so I might miss that.

MAGIC MOUSE - I can't even begin to tell you how awkward it is trying to play games with this - I still can't tell if it's ergonomic or giving me Carpal Tunnel...

CYBORG RAT 5 - Physically adjustable, can change DPI on the fly and flies off glides on my rough desk like nobody's business. Plus it looks like the Batmobile.

By my broad estimation, it doesn't feel like you really need anything more than 2000 dpi or so unless you actually like navigating a 27" desktop by moving your mouse within a 1.5" x 1" rectangle. It does seem to glide (for sure) and track (probably) way better than the 800 dpi MX mouse but I could easily be fooling myself as I've used that one for years and seemed just fine to me. The precision aim button (where it temporarily lowers the dpi) is pretty useless though.

I'm still really getting used to beast but so far so good. I can say that it's probably one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used though, once you actually dial it in to the weight and size you want. I just wish it absorbed sweat better... ...... ..

The RAT doesn't even work in OS X though - see that's what happens when you impulse buy things you know nothing about and refuse to return anything.

It also messes with any other mouse you might have plugged in at the same time. I had to jury rig it with USB Overdrive, which in turn additionally messed up my scrolling with the Magic Mouse when I'm watching VLC and using that as a remote control. They're getting ready to do beta testing on some Mac drivers but there's nothing available for the public yet.

Aside from that it works fine now and I was able to assign controls to like every button and scroller on it (like a bauss): back, forward, close window, expose, open finder, left/right click, scroll up/down, middle click, be awesome. The mode button was to stiff/awkward to even press so I didn't assign it to anything and you can't reprogram the DPI up/down button either. 1.5 KDR here I come...

Thursday, April 7

go shawty it's your birthday we gon' party like it's yo birthday

So I gotta buy birthday gifts for two girls this month aka I'm going to end up buying some expensive crap for myself that I don't really need after wandering around the mall for like 4 hours. Since I only really go to the mall when I need to buy something I usually avoid it at all costs because I have no self control and will waste cash on pretty much anything. I also like to assume that people want to get as gifts the same things that I would by myself. Turns out that it's not always usually the case.

Back in the day, buying gifts while in school was so easy - just pick up a 26er of any random alcohol and give it to someone. But now since your're all grown up and people want to have parties in their houses apparently you gotta step it up (or so I'm told) and buy actual stuff. It's good when they have a party at a restaurant or bar or something though because that's easy too (I'm lazy).

Anyway, if shit gets too real I might just find one good thing and buy two of them, and then I'll probably end up picking up something random for myself like an air purifier...

Wednesday, April 6

That Thing You Do!

We solidified our place in floor hockey history last night by not winning a single 2011 game including the playoffs. At least I scored one goal this season, but leave it up to me to do it during the very last game. I got pretty happy and wanted to do a fist pump or something afterwards, but at that point I think we were down 12-3 so I just played it cool. Real cool. Ice cold.

Anyway, in better news: I finally got it.

Tuesday, April 5

Baptized in Blood metal concert photos @ the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto

So Baptized in Blood is an awesome metal band from London who I just saw live for the first time. Kev had seen them before and tried to convince me to go but I had only heard them via the YouTube (ie: the music video they shot at Mt. St. Louis) and wasn't sure what to expect. So then I went and it was awesome - they really laid it down at the Hard Luck on Saturday and I'd for sure see them again now.

Other than being able to really belt, the lead singer is a class too. He was manning their merch table after the show and despite the misleading death voice seemed happy to talk to anyone and was real friendly.

Baptized in Blood 1 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

Shows at smaller venues always have a different feel to them, and I'm not talkin' in a bad way. A lot of the time these bands are grinding it out trying to make it, so they're giving it no matter how many people come to see them...or it could be a shit show and they don't really care...but anyway...

I also love the fact that you can see about 10 of these smaller shows for the price of one other huge show where you can barely see what's going on. But yeah, I do hope that these guys will make it someday and play shows like that all the time though.

Baptized in Blood 8 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

It's cool too see band members hanging around cheering on other bands, selling merch and talking to the fans. At this show most of them were around and pretty approachable if you wanted to say hey, great show or snap a photo or something. It's always nice when they don't just stay in their dressing room, play, then gtfo.

I bought some BIB merch and even managed to get some free swag. And by manage to get some free swag I mean that Kev is a big fan of the band, chatted them up, took some photos and they gave him a bunch of free swag (which he then graciously shared with me (because his hands were too full)).

Like I said approachable...

The REST OF THE SET. Is it Friday yet?

Monday, April 4

Dragonboat workouts and metal concerts...cool mix.

I didn't know that is was possible for so many parts of my body to be so sore all at once. I can only describe waking up on Sunday as someone dropping a ton of bricks on my "abs" when I tried to get out of my bed. I had to roll out onto a knee and get up like Arnold in T2 after he got teleported from the future...except that I wasn't super jacked...or naked.

It was pretty embarrassing though struggling and pushing out zero pull ups in front of (most of) this new team of people that I just met for the first time ever, but at least I didn't avoid it and gave'r as much as I could - so I feel pretty good alright about that. I just can't count the partial or assisted ones that I "did" so my goal is: >= 4 legit pull ups by end of September. It's not an exercise that I really do so I'm hoping that's a realistic one, but considering my current stat I need to improve big time.

I need to improve on the rest of the exercises as well but glad I actually did it and set some sort of benchmark for myself. I'll have to admit that at the switchover to the pool I saw my face in a mirror and it was pretty red and probably could have exploded if someone poked it.

No pain no gain right?

Anyway, the day could have ended there but some congratulations were in order. Yeah, it's a little late but big ups to B&K stacker on their engagement. Always good to get together for some beers under any circumstances, but this just happens to be a great one! WAY TO GO!

Oh yeah...burgers and beer at Woody's.

Tandoori Burger, Woody's Burgers, Etobicoke

A few of us also went to a metal concert that night and it was the first time I though I might actually go deaf listening to music and had to use the ear plugs - that's how good it was...or maybe I was just too close to the speakers. Fun bands leading up to Baptized in Blood.

This one band, Devil by Defect (I think that was their name) was pretty funny. They're from Windsor, had songs about pot and admitted to smoking a lot of pot on their long drive to TO. At least they were responsible about it and seemed to have a pretty responsible DD who even refused beer and requested coke like right from the beginning of the night.

The lead singer got his drink on, but it was pretty gross though when later in the night he kept spitting beer all over th lead singer of BIB. I'm pretty sure it was him and I don't think the singer was too impressed either because he kept giving him the finger.

Devil by Defect @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

One of the other bands there was called Muffler Crunch. They were a duo sort of like White Stripes but metal. The woman drummer sang and it was pretty cool that the guy played an acoustic guitar and pushed out crazy metal with it - never saw that before. Somehow he managed to jury rig a pick-up onto this old 6 string, pass it though a huge lineup of pedals and pump our some pretty heavy sound from the Mesa amp. He also wore a suit.

Muffler Crunch 3 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

Anyway, I'll post the BIB pictures later too when I get them off my phone.

The only down side was that they tried to push $6 pints of PBR. Seriously? My favorite beer is actually PBR, I know how much it costs and I've had it before for $2/pint.

The only people who would actually pay that much for it are those hipsters.

Friday, April 1

Is Netflix worth it?

I've been toying with the idea of getting Netflix ever since this free one month trial. Now that they got Angel and Firefly (even though I own the box set) and some other pretty classic movies it seems like a pretty sweet deal for $10/month but the only thing holding me back is the internet usage. I need to watch stuff in at least medium quality to enjoy it but I mean why not go for HD when it's there. Unfortunately it uses like 2.3GB/hour. Seems kind of outrageous but whats the point of having a HD TV or a big monitor if you're gonna watch blurry blobs all day?

I mean the overage charges could add up with that non-capped Rogers policy, and for the amount of data streaming you might as well download the torrent and have it forever stick it out and watch regular TV anyway.

But on the other hand aside form Top Chef (which is now over) and a handful of Food Network shows I don't really watch that much TV because I surf the net and play a lot of games because I hate commercials.

Anyway, tomorrow's dragonboat fitness test/1st practice for the year is probably going to be pretty tiring. Good thing I will be able to unwind at this concert after?