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Thursday, March 31

You did it Richie, you're Top Chef.

...but no Dale or Angelo. And Curtis Stone is the host of the next Top Chef Masters? Not impressed.

OK fine, I liked Take Home Chef.

Looks like I'm also playing slo-pitch this summer.

So I finally got into the company league and I like the way how the captain responded to my registration:

... I will put you on my team to ensure you are in the league this year. I hope you like going for beers :)

Just my luck. On a related note, I was also reading over the league rules (part of the Slo-Pitch Ontario Association)...any ladies want to comment on this?

  • Batters preceding female batters get awarded 2nd base automatically if they get a walk. The female may choose to bat if she wishes, or may take 1st base. However, all players are encouraged to bat. This right is forfeit if the batter does not indicate that he/she precedes a female batter and the female batter is not "on deck".
  • Teams fielding no females in their lineup only get 2 outs per odd-numbered inning (1,3,5,7).
  • Outfielders can't come in closer than 2 paces from the edge of the grass when a female bats. The infield must remain behind the baseline.
Looks like ballin' is my hobby...

Slut Walk Toronto...achieves nothing. "Because we've had enough"...of you.

I guess it's time to weigh in on something...

1. a dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.

You know, they seemed to have a pretty good point on The Dean Blundell Show this morning when they were talking about that Slut Walk TO. I heard about it in the news and read about some of the backlash in the paper, but all in all it does seem like a pretty big waste of time and a poor reason to cause traffic.

I think that in the end, a whole lot of people are going think a lot less of these women after parading around town wanting to be called sluts without actually achieving anything or helping anyone. It's like someone making fun of my spare tire, then apologizing to me, but then I protest it by eating a cannoli in front of them.

I guess it might have been a better idea if they collected donations for women's support groups (or cancer or anything) while on the walk or even named the event more appropriately (think of the children, muah), but the way its setup now it seems like just a reason to show off somehow in public.

On their site it says: "Any financial contribution would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go directly to SlutWalk and its efforts." Which re-worded could be, "We didn't really think this out, we need help covering our costs (cause we're poor university students) and we aren't actually affiliated with any legitimate organizations or have official supporters." I don't know, maybe just a weird situation and I don't understand it (probably not). The only way that this could possibly work out is if all their signs say "Haters gonna hate" since they seem to be doing whatever they want to anyway.

Update 4/4/2011: Confirmed a comment with an update on their official website: Proceeds over and above any out-of-pocket costs will be going directly to the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. They also have a new Allies section listing supporters.

Sure the guy was wrong to speak candidly and share his thoughts, but at least he apologized for it (somewhat I hear). Other than making "reporters" write overblown stealth brag articles I don't see what good would come out of this.

This event belongs down the drain of my new stunning toilet described as having "Bold. Power."

Also, thank you jack knifed tractor-trailer for blocking off all the traffic on the highway starting at the on-ramp just before mine. Made some pretty sweet time this morning.

Wednesday, March 30

Black people talking is always entertaining

Man I can listen to this guy talk everything and nothing all day. His "haha" track is now my incoming text message sound, heh. Anyway Chris Smoove talks about ridiculous lawsuits, I encourage you to listen.

Am I weird? Yeah. But so what? Everybody's weird.

Tuesday, March 29

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike DLC ain't so bad

I've been playing a lot of Black Ops lately especially with this new DLC that just came out (pre-order $13.50 booya!). Unless you've played COD before I'm guessing this post might be a little foreign to you, so go ahead and watch the new episode of TC instead where they hit up Quebec and Ontario!

So except for Berlin I'd say that the new levels are pretty fun but I haven't been able to run into anyone and get a decent game of Ascension going yet. From like the 4 times that I've played it, that level is kind of like "Five" and no one knows it too well - so a little too big for my liking and I haven't figured out a decent plan for it yet.

I'm glad they patched all those ridiculous cheats for Zombies though but I'm pretty sure that it's too little too late since that game mode is already RIP in my books. Anyway, I've been playing a ton of multiplayer lately...like a lot. Here's the proof - it's the first time I ever hit 10 on Steam so you can do the math.

The way I see it, it's better than watching TV or looking at porn surfing the net because at least it stimulates your brain right? RIGHT?!?

In retrospect I shouldn't have played so much Nuketown because with that quick XP I'm a pretty misleading level 42 when when the teams auto-balance (I suck). But that map is just so fun.

When it comes to FPS I'm not exactly a strategist either and my motto is pretty much "be a hero". This basically involves me sprinting around solo with marathon and dolphin diving onto objectives (hoping someone will cover me long enough to capture it) or until I finally run into an enemy and then it becomes a game of who can react faster.

Like most of these twitch shooters it's pretty much if you see the other guy first he's dead. Sneaking around or camping is just lame.

Unfortunately, my favorite class doesn't translate too well outside of Nuketown but at least it's pretty embarrassing when that dude with the dual wield and crossbow kills you.

Aside from TDM and FFA, the other game modes are more fun but really mess with your KDR. Dolphin diving onto flags or next to bombs just laying there while hoping you don't get waxed is probably not the best strategy, but that's how I roll. I'm currently sporting a pretty pathetic 0.83 KDR.

It's crazy how the game keeps track of every metric from every game you play. I think the only people who don't make a big deal of KDR are guys like me who are below 1.0 but hell just play the game and don't sweat it. It's fun either way because I wouldn't be playing so much.

The people who do like to make a deal out of it are usually those who create stealth brag topics on forums just to show theirs off. FYI, going 10 and 8 while sitting back and doing shit for your team makes you a coward.

Like I said, bum mode is fully engaged.

Anyway, floor hockey playoffs tonight. Hopefully we can start off fresher than the regular season...

Monday, March 28

LINE Traveling Circus 3.5 East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff

I'll stick to skiing! Blue Mountain and Mt. St. Louis make an appearance!

So I bought a pair of Crocs...baller/not baller?

You know, I used to be a pretty big hater when it came to Crocs - they look ridiculous and people wear them in public like they're actual shoes. So then I bought a pair...

When it comes to dragon boat friendly footwear there aren't really that many options. Id say it boils down to water shoes and flip flops, but both are just too gay for me to handle (and I can't stand that damn slapping noise). Those slide on type sandals are good too but they also slide off just as easy (and hit people in the foreheads shins) or get eaten by the lake monsters all the time.

On a side note, I'm not quite sure why guys would wear bike shorts when paddling other than to show off their compressed wangs when they walk back/forth from the docks. I mean if they were on one of those kneeling kayaks then fine, but there's not going to be much of an aerodynamic advantage when you're sitting surrounded by 20+ people in a huge canoe.

Anyhow, I wore my Birkenstocks for a season or two until the combination of stank water + my feet + cork sole + hot summer produced such a bad smell that I became so paranoid wearing them that I just threw them out and bought another pair. I even bought some fancy flip flops last year thinking that it would make some sort of difference. What a fool I was.

So then I just bought some Crocs and I get it: they're comfortable and convenient and that back strap can keep them on your feet if you need to. They are also barely socially acceptable and shouldn't be worn out of context or casually in public under any situation.

Just walk up and punch me in the face if you ever see me wearing these in public with jeans. Thanks.

Friday, March 25

Home renovation sucks...until it's done, then it's awesome.

Man. This whole home renovation thing is really disrupting my general flow of life. I haven't done laundry in like 2 weeks, I can't cook any food or wash dishes, and I have to share a washroom with my entire family. Takeout 3x a day is making me broke, I don't want to go to the gym because it doubles my laundry load (which I can't wash), and when I need to take a shower I have to sit around all dirts because someone else is probably using the washroom. Like really really inconvenient. It'll be nice though when all this is done and the house looks jacked. I just hope I can hold out that long.

On a different note, we did it. I'm still not sure how we managed to get there but I think we are the fist team ever to make -100 points in the regular season. It's kind of shameful but also pretty impressive (probably).

Making ball hockey history so haters can hate all the way home.

Thursday, March 24

Mount Fuji, Japan & Microsoft ICE Panoramic Photos FTW!

My whole plan to finish editing the last of the Japan videos isn't exactly going according to plan because I'm such a bum. I got about half of the footage chopped up and the songs picked out (even I'm impressed by this selection) but being the conclusion of it all I want to make it half decent a good one...so it's taking a while.

Anyway, here are some awesome panoramic photos from the parking lot at Station 5 on Mt. Fuji to tide you over until then. It's not quite at the top but the views are still pretty spectacular.

Mt Fuji Japan Mountain Range @ Station 5 Parking Lot 1 - Lo Res

In flickr be sure to view all sizes and check the original file to get a better view.

Mt Fuji Japan Mountain Range @ Station 5 Parking Lot 2 - Lo Res

Those are the low resolution versions - the full resolution ones are 13 MB and 26 MB (and make for one hell of a wallpaper across my two monitors)!

Wednesday, March 23

Can't get no gratisfaction

Tuesday, March 22

A veal sandwich that makes mothers cry...

Seriously the biggest veal I've ever eaten - there was at least 3 breaded cutlets in there and weighed at least as much as a large burrito. You know the place must be good when all it sells is 5 or 6 different types of sandwiches and that's all. And it was good. Very good.

I wish I had something as reference here in this picture but take my word for it that it was big and I had sauce all over my face. I literally had to squish it as much as I could just so I could fit it in my mouth.

Just like in most dives all you get is a pile of those thin 1-ply napkins to help you deal with it. All part of the experience...although I felt like I should take a shower afterwards too.

Monday, March 21

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Love? That's what this all comes down to?

No, not just love. I'm talking about the cycle of life. I'm talking about finding some alien creature and deciding to marry her and stay with her forever, no matter whether you even like each other or not a few years down the road. And why will you do this? So you can make babies together, and try to keep them alive and teach them what they need to know so that someday they'll have babies, and keep the whole thing going. And you'll never draw a secure breath until you have grandchildren, a double handful of them, because then you know that your line won't die out, your influence will continue. Selfish, isn't it? Only it's not selfish, it's what life is for. It's the only thing that brings happiness, ever, to anyone. All the other things - victories, achievements, honors, causes - they bring only momentary flashes of pleasure. But binding yourself to another person and to the children you make together, that's life. And you can't do it if your life is centered on your ambitions. You'll never be happy. It will never be enough, even if you rule the world.

Greensboro just got super-heavy right about now.

I don't want it unless it's brand new, you might see me in my brand new whip, with my brand new...

Big balla K-DAWG went pro this weekend and moved into his brand spanking new house. Not that I would know or anything but owning your first home is a real big deal and I'm even excited for him.

Anyway, we helped him "move in" to the house all weekend (and I use the term lightly) but like most things in life it will need a woman's touch (*wink*wink*guns*guns*)...unless you're a dude who wears blouses and silk scarves. When it comes to colors and decorations and stuff like that I would probably just make all the walls beige and all the furniture and floors rich mahogany and call it a day.

I can imagine though that when I do eventually get my place the living room, master bath and gaming room office will be designed by me (and pretty pimp tight). The wife can have the rest of the house to do as she pleases. I can also imagine every other room in the house but those being completely empty for the first 4 years too...

Moving along, despite our pretty hung over lazy state and general inability to eat anything the next day (ok fine, some of us) we lumbered over to watch Battle: Los Angeles since I wanted to avoid the tile layers we had nothing else to do. It didn't exactly get the greatest ratings ever but it was pretty entertaining though. What did you expect? Oscars or something?

Movie coupons FTW! Sucker Punch on Friday anyone?

On a side note I hate the fact that Boston Pizzas seem super inconsistent with their no/reservation policy for sporting events - even when full, watching stuff in the dining area just ain't the same...and holy crap Jon Jones.

Friday, March 18

Quittin' time!

What a laugh, though. To think that one human being could ever really know another. You could get used to each other, get so habituated that you could speak their words right along with them, but you never knew why the other people said what they said or did what they did, because they never even knew themselves. Nobody understands anybody.

And yet somehow we live together, mostly in peace, and get things done with a high enough success rate that people keep trying. Human beings get married and a lot of the marriages work, and they have children and most of them grow up to be decent people, and they have schools and businesses and factories and farms that have results at some level of acceptability -- all without having a clue what was going on inside anybody's head.

Muddling through, that's what human beings do.

Just embrace the hobo lifestyle

Theres something strangely satisfying about breaking wood, tiles and glass but I can't wait to get the kitchen, washroom and laundry back.

I'm on call tonight. How fun...

Thursday, March 17

Revenge of the killer burrito...

So last night I go to pick up a burrito and while lining up this same dude that came in and lined up behind me the other day came in and lined up behind me yesterday. We exchanged looks - mine was of approval, his was of awkwardness - but in either case it just further justifies the fact that burritos are one of the greatest super foods ever invented. Oh yeah, I also found my wallet on the lawn this morning (with everything intact). I'm a klutz.

Pro tip: (re)toast in oven if there are transportation delays.

And so begins my Road To Commander...

Minus the whole recording every match thing... I finally gave up on Zombies since there are just too many haters and too few people with actual skill who don't use cheats (plus Jon and I are already pretty far up on the leaderboards...). Multiplayer is like a brand new game so I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Maybe it's true what they say about the 1 out of 8 thing. It's pretty intimidating though since everyone seems to be at level 50 and have awesome gear. Trying to lay the smack down with an Olympia ain't so smooth.

I've been playing for a while tonight and I don't think I've seen anyone lower than me yet. Leveling up is going to be a pain while sporting a healthy 0.8 kdr (like a n00b). Getting to 10 was super quick, but still not automatic assault rifle yet. Kamikazeee time!

Is it me or does Ghost Pro seem impossible to get though? Good thing I already got it then. Sentry gun luck FTW (you have to play to know what I'm talking about). Shit son!

I also didn't know so many people still played Counter-Strike. According to Steam it's still the #1 action game in the world, and probably since like when I was in OAC. I might just have to dust off my copy. Not.

It's like I'm in school again (minus all the acne). Sweet.

Wednesday, March 16

Dragonboat Fitness Tests

Shit just got real real on the dragon boat front. The first practice with my new team Swordfish is coming up in less than 3 weeks and needless to say they are a bit more competitive than Banana Boat. On top of an earlier start they will also be performing a series of fitness tests throughout the season designed to embarrass the shit out of me gauge team member's strength, cardio and progess throughout the year.

Anyway, hopefully these tests will be more motivating than degrading but either way it's definitely not going to be pretty (for me). In fact I think they might kick me off the team (and keep my deposit) after the first practice. Maybe I'm over exaggerating but I'm quite certain I can do about 0.4 pull-ups (in one day) and my knee will explode into 1000 pieces after the first kilometer.

The truth is though many of the more competitive dragon boat teams do them so if I want to get better I'm going to have to step up my game and do some steroids, hit the gym and shed some pounds. Time to come out of hibernation.

Here are a few examples of what they're all about.


Max push-ups in 1 minute4010 (or modified 25)
Max pull-ups in 1 minute153 (or modified 10)
Max windshield wipers in 3 minutes3030
Max burpees in 3 minutes (no push-up required)4040
2 km run (or 10 mins on stationary bike/elliptical with heart rate of 135 bpm)10 mins10 mins


WEIGHT TESTING: In the order listed below

1. Pushups to failure - Lie flat on the ground, lift hands off the ground, to start drive hands down into a full push up locking out on top, bring your back body down flat on the ground, repeat to failure If hips go down or butt goes up individual is out.

2. Situps to failure - Feet flat on floor, hands over head on the floor, one full motion bring body and arms up touch finger tips to toes. 2 toes misses individual is out.

3. Triceps dips to failure - Use bench in the gym. Hands shoulder width apart. Knees/Legs 90-degree angle. Lower body bending at the elbow straighten arms up.

4. Plank to failure (Max out at 3 mins) - Face down elbows and forearms underneath chest, form a bridge using your toes and forearms Maintain a flat back. If hips go down or butt goes up individual is out.


1. Burpees to failure (Max out 150) - Start from a standing position, squat hands on the ground, kick feet back lowering body to the ground, return to squat position, straighten arms over head with an explosive leap as high as possible. If arms are not straighten over head during leap or the leap is not explosive, feet not kicked out, and body goes down individual is out.


Not any of the above.

Tuesday, March 15

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

This crew of Italian dudes with mustaches and red overalls are re-doing all the tiles in my parents house like everywhere. On top of that we're renovating the den and replacing all the carpet upstairs with hardwood. We got no kitchen, no washer/dryer, we're all sharing one washroom and everything is crammed into one corner of the house.


Even eating out constantly has been getting on my nerves. Let me tell you that I never knew McDonald's made salsa until now...and that breakfast burritos suck. Big time.

Don't ask about the McChicken sauce, my sister loves that shit.

Monday, March 14

The hottest burrito I ever ate...

It's a pretty unbelievable what's going on in Japan right now, so I'm pretty grateful to have been able to visit there a few months ago under much better circumstances. It might not be much but every dollar helps and the least I could do was donate a few bucks in hopes that others will soon be able to visit and have as much fun as we did (go for it, they made it real easy). Although Tokyo and Kyoto aren't near the Sendai region (and I'm not sure how wide spread the destruction is to other areas) there's not doubt though that this disaster impacts the whole country. I've decided to step it up and finally put an end to the Japan Series this week to remind us of the happier times. Expect the last episode to drop next week.

Another tragedy of far lesser magnitude is the effect this burrito had on my bowels. I'm pretty sure the burrito girl straight up spited me this time around because she went crazy with the sauce and it was the first time I had to stop mid-burrito to get a glass of milk. I felt just like Adam Richman but I finished it though, like a pro.

In this battle of Man vs. Food, man is victorious...sort of.

Friday, March 11

Spring forward...

I'm still very much on the fence about buying a snowboard this weekend. If I don't I'll have to wait until the Ski and Snowboard Show this fall to make the call. Switching it up and trying to get good at both sports is like two steps forward and one step back since I'll probably take at least one season to develop some sort of snowboarding game. From some friends' experiences (if you're any good at skiing) the jump isn't all that hard. I'm pretty sure my knees would thank me somehow for that too...

The other thing holding me back is that I just put down a pre-order on this awesome rifle stock.

With the weather getting warmer this is a build that I can't wait to do (I didn't take that picture, a CGN member did). I also want need to get a new headset and upgrade the shifters and brake levers on my bike. Contrary to popular belief I ain't made of money you know.

Anyway, with all this rain I'm pretty sure my 2010 season is done. Trips East and West made it one of the best ones ever, so I can't complain. What will I miss? Well, not much since time flies these days. Sort of random, but here's my top 5 ways to spot a newbie on the slopes:

1. Jeans!
2. He's black
3. No helmet or goggles, or their helmet/goggles are too small and floating too high on their head...you gotta see it to know what I mean...
4. Their boot only has one strap on it
5. They're all up on your skis in the lift line

It's Friday!

Thursday, March 10

Finished The Lost Symbol

I've been a zombie this week, particularly because I've been staying up way too late reading Dan Brown's Lost Symbol. Somehow it always turns out like this when I get into a new book, but since I probably only read about a half dozen or so of them a year the recovery ain't so bad.

What usually happens is I scan the list of Nebula and Hugo award winners (or someone gives me a shout out), choose a book that seems pretty great and then hammer it out in week or two...but sometimes I do it in a few days - I think that the only other books I've read faster than this one are Daemon 2/Freedom, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

Anyway, this one's pretty good and what you would expect from Mr. Brown. I already own both Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code so I'm kind of familiar with Robert Langdon and his Mickey Mouse watch. What's fun about these books is looking up all the crazy references that the author makes as you go along. It's fun jumping onto Google and doing some "real research"...or something like that.

Let me tell you though, it gets pretty outrageous towards the end. I mean like really far off the deep end with things. Considering it doesn't involve any wizards or computer viruses, it turns some pretty weird corners. When you actually find out what the symbol is all about the whole denouement of the story and the way it wraps up seemed kind of unsatisfying. I'm not sure if it was because I was finishing it off at 4 am and my vision was going crazy but after the final bit of excitement the way that the author gave closure to everything that happened was...I don't know, go read it for yourself.

Now back to real life. Right...

Tuesday, March 8

27" iMac Memory Upgrade = Piece of Cake

Upgrading or replacing the ram on these new iMacs are a breeze. It took me 5 mins to triple my memory and quadruple my pleasure.

Here are the modules, shipped to my door in less than 24 hours. 8GB kit = $120.

Easy access to the RAM slots via three screws in the bottom of the computer. There are these two flaps that are tucked into the RAM slots that you just pull. 4 slots available/2 occupied.

Not really sure why these flaps are there but you pull them back (not out, the bottom is fixed) to see the free slots on top.

Insert the RAM module and repeat on both sides. I actually used the bottom of a plastic pen to push the stick in since it's a pretty tight squeeze for the fingers (that's what she said).

Tuck the flaps back in, screw in the screws and you're done.

Boomshakalaka! 12GB of ice cold memory.

Monday, March 7

Holy crap final five!

Your bureau has been adjusted...or something like that...

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good romantic movie...but usually under the context of a comedy. Hell, 50 First Dates, The Holiday and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights are some of my favorite things to watch because that shit just makes you smile. Romantic dramas kill me though like Ghost or the movie where Hugh Jackman lives under that tree in space and it explodes - I die a little inside when I see stuff like that...

I watched that movie The Adjustment Bureau and it was crap. It was exactly the movie I thought it would be, which is a sappy romance that involves people wearing stylish fedoras and talk about fate. I'm quite certain Gnomeo & Juliet (she's in it too) would have been a better call and I actually stayed up and watched The Rundown afterward to get the bitter taste out of my eyes mouth.

Anyway, that was a post-requisite to the main event of the evening which was a Krispy Kreme run.

The last time I had donuts from that places was when the first opened that location. My cousin and I did the two dozen deal and killed both boxes (plus the samples waiting in line) in one sitting. It was glorious.

Seems like things have really gone downhill since then as most of the donuts they produced that night got packed into boxes and put into palettes to get shipped. The place was pretty empty otherwise.

The smell was intoxicating and you can just inhale those things as they just melt in your mouth...

I just want to stick a slice of pizza under the icing waterfall and chew on it.

Remember this guy? Well he's also the captain of a dragon boat team called Swordfish. I joined the team this year and as part of a gentleman's agreement he agreed to eat a Luther Burger. His identity has been concealed once again (just barely). On with the show!

The usual suspects, fresh of the line...

How weird is it to walk into Alice Fazooli's with a box full of donuts? Not weird, awesome.

The perp...Not quite a Luther Burger, but maybe a Luther Panini? Good enough for me him.

Cruel and delicious punishment...

Getting in shape for dragon boat season is great.

Friday, March 4

I ordered memory from Crucial and it came in a day...not bad.

I wanted to write something about the Food Network today but totally passed out at like 10 last night and didn't get a chance to upload the related pictures...

Anyhow, I eat at Miga a fair bit and the other day had a chance to finally do their lunch buffet. How disappointed was I to discover that you don't get to do your own BBQ for lunch? Not only is it super busy (as usual) but they make the orders in the back and it takes forever to get it. The sushi was pretty good though.

Also, I was at Walmart last night and that they sell "fresh baked" baguettes for $1. I bought one and am now eating it in my cube for breakfast. Bagel? Child's play.

In other news, I'm pretty impressed with Crucial/FedEx's service. I ordered some RAM yesterday after lunch and it's supposed to arrive today before 12pm. This extra memory should be just what I need to step up my tv show watching video editing game. That's not bad considering it got shipped from Idaho...Boise, Idaho. Idaho is a ridiculous word.

Thursday, March 3

deviantART blast from the past.

Wow, so check this out. I found some old vector art I did back in school/2005 from my old deviantART account. That was a weird phase I guess. The things you do when you don't feel like studying...

Wednesday, March 2

You know it got rough when the ref is like, "Yo, let me get a shift in"...and started curving a stick.

We lost last night and it was pretty disappointing - mostly because I missed a wide open net off a pretty sweet pass - but we did play pretty well and it wasn't a complete blowout. We're still the last place team in the league (ranked) but with even less points now. I think the new strategy is just see if we can make -100 points for the season...or to injure as many of the opposing players as possible (in the parking lot before the game (wearing masks of course)) so that they have to forfeit. The girls are probably the easiest to pick off right? A win by default is still a win...

Now think of a happier time...

On a different note, these crazy winds today gave me a pretty sweet afro that I have just decided to embrace. Management/bald people can hate all they want today.

Tuesday, March 1

Ball hockey for dummies...

If ever a hockey movie season had a turning point in it then this would be it. Tonight we search for our first W against the Indies. I'm not sure how we ended up in this position, but by my broad estimation we should be at least 4th place by now with our dynamic combination of wits, physical prowess and insatiable hunger for victory...or something like that.

Anyway, after a few weeks away and having played only 2 games so far I'm back with one lung and some limp wrists to finish off the second half of the season. We still have 4 games left so this is probably like when Coach Bombay had convinced Ducksworth to buy their team uniforms and they got all gung-ho and got their first tie. And then after that they totally recruited a figure skater and started winning from then on. So if history repeats itself we should be in good shape.

Who you got youngblood?

It's kind of depressing when it says you average 0 PPG but that's the cut-throat reality that is co-ed rec but their code is probably correct faulty.

This is a sign right?