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Friday, June 24

Battlefield vs Call Of Duty: PS3 n00b perspective

At 11 hours and 21 minutes into BC2 (check out that killer W/L ratio btw) I can now say that I actually prefer COD over Battlefield, well at least at this point. That doesn't mean that Battlefield sucks, because it doesn't at all, it just means that I would rather play COD more often than BC2.

I can also say that I have a real long road ahead of me with this damn Dual Shock 3 controller. It's been frustrating actually, which is why I've been playing practicing so much lately (but I also gave up my receiver too because TV is just a box of lies). Check this out: DS3 swag / trigger enhancers. Actually helpful for my hyper-hydrosis sweaty hands?

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to buy Battlefield 3 for sure, but it's most definitely a different kind of experience from Black Ops. I wish I could post that video Gunns4hire made where he talked about it, but he actually got so much hate from it that NGT pulled it off YouTube, lol. He was basically saying that Battlefield is so team based and you rely so heavily on each other that as an individual you can't really control the outcome of a game as much as you could with COD...and that he's a better player than any one of us will ever be and we are all haters for even trying...

I definitely get what he's saying though because 50% of the time when I join random lobbies I come against a party of friends and it's 100% of the time a slaughter. Even just one squad actually running/working together can clean house. I've had some good games too with boss squads where we were actually running/talking to each other, but unfortunately it's pretty rare because I'm also awkward in fake life online too, so people don't usually want to talk to me there either...

The main reason though why I do prefer COD is because of the pace. Most of the time I just want to login, get some quick kills and jump right back into the action when I die. Matches in COD are usually less than 10 minutes and the maps (compared to BC2) are so tiny that you will always run into action without even having to look for it.

In BC2 the scale is huge, battles are long and you're working for it. You spend time travelling in vehicles, running from cover to cover scoping the area or even just waiting to respawn (at least in my case). I guess you can say that it's much less of a twitch shooter and you need to be more aware of what's happening because the maps are so big and full of places for people to cower camp.

As far as controls go they are much less video game like in BC2 as well which makes the experience different too. Although dolphin diving is awesome, dropshotting is not.

Anyway, I actually re-bought Black Ops (but for PS3) because few other games have private bot matches and I can practice without some 12 year old shouting in my ear about how I just got turned on.

The aim assist on Black Ops is most definitely stronger than in Battlefield too, which helps noobs like me out. It's also familiar so jumping into multiplayer isn't so bad. I actually went something like 21-7 on Array TDM in my first game. Even though the KDR was short lived it even impressed me at the time. Aim assist is much more forgiving and the thing will actually pull your sideways so long as you keep a half-decent beat on an opponent. I actually though I had leveled up before figuring out what was actually going on. Go figure...

On PC I actually have 209.8 hours of Black Ops logged! That's almost 9 days worth of play since last December. Awesome.

Gift certificates FTW!