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Friday, June 10

Call it a dragonboat regatta sandwich...

Banana Boat vs Welland tomorrow - we're going to take it to the lake river in style (maybe). Unfortunately the forecast calls for rain, so I'm just hoping it's not a repeat of last week because I might just have to commit seppuku.

I think we only have something like 3 practices under our belt going into this one so I'm predicting that it will be a massacre. Since our attendance has been weak, we only just "practiced" starts last week and we don't even have a finish yet, I think that we'll find ourselves comfortably in the 2:08 range...

I'm just hoping that it's as casual as the totally legitimate Cogego newscast makes it out to be, because an early season beating at the hands of country folk would be pretty depressing for the new paddlers (which is like half the team) when we still have 3 regattas to go. I don't let that kind of thing phase me though because I'm used to getting humiliated all the time I'm cool like that.

It's also a brand new regatta for us so flashbacks of that one time we decided to "try out" the Toronto Cup comes to mind. We failed to qualify for the World Championships in Macau that year but it was a savage beating great learning experience.

Apparently the Welland Canal is the premiere attraction in Welland too, but despite boasting a beautiful waterfront I've never visited it before (and I've been around (...that's also what she said)). Coincidentally, its only a few clicks from my gun club which I haven't had a chance to visit yet this year either. Damn you Promag - you should get together with Apex and have beers and give each other multiple high fives...because you both like to make empty promises to your customers.

Is that Jay Chou giving you the gun? Yes it is. Most definitely not thyme as well...