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Thursday, June 16

Hey Baby, want to go for a ride?

Finally. I did a lazy man's tune up yesterday because once I washed her off I was surprised that she held up so well...you know from spending all winter covered in mud and all. A quick wash, some air in the tires and that was it. I like my bikes how I like my women - easy maintenance and fun to ride.

Anyway, the Mississauga trails look a bit different this Spring - tons of new signage and natural growth to pad my falls.

Lots of nature out too. I saw 3 deer (the other 2 of them made me shit my pants caught me by surprise as they were just parked in front of me along the trails), took some insects to the eyes and inhaled about 5 flies. Do you know how dirty it feels to get a fly caught in your throat? It's dirty.

They also put up a railing and a lip on the Sawmill Valley trail bridges. I guess people didn't like sliding into the creek too much.

City workers were apparently out too cramping my style.

My ass is pretty sore now from not having been in the saddle since some time in November, but with all the chocolate I eat you'd think that it wouldn't be the case. Funny enough because of the malarkey in Vancouver last night Dean Blundell was promoting #analstainofcanada and talking about prison rape and toilet wine. It's not at all really related but just saying...


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