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Monday, June 6

Swordfish vs. Mother Nature - Round 1, fight!

What a day Saturday was. It started off smooth enough, but then shit got real. Too real.

I don't know when then the last time I was outside during a thunderstorm was, but sitting through that was just about as enjoyable as sitting through The Adjustment Bureau. I think we only managed to get through 15 races before lightning started hitting and they had to call it quits put a hold on it.

That led to a couple hours of tent confinement as Gaia poured it on without prejudice. It got to the point where all I wanted to do was just stand there and be miserable endure it because everything was cold and wet and generally not pleasant. Anyway...

When the weather did clear up it became downright peachy. They made some revisions to the schedule and things got back on track (somewhat).

Despite some resourcing challenges, we managed to throw down 2:18, 2:19 and 2:21 in the Rec A Consolation Final. I can only assume that if the rain didn't bring down my our morale so much we would have just won it all outright. Legit prediction.

It's also pretty crazy how "competitive" the Rec divisions were. I'm not sure how teams get placed in the sport/rec divisions, but if you ask me practicing thrice+ a week and throwing down a 2:05 vs practicing once a week and then eating burritos after ain't exactly fair competition.

Just saying...

It was also pretty crazy how many young teams there were. I'm not even talking about university teams, I mean like children. I'm used to getting waxed by 12 year olds online, but real life is a different story...

Anyway, yesterday was another challenge...after practice in the sweltering heat, I wasn't sure if I was just sunburnt or sick from the day before, but in retrospect I kinda regret drinking that bottle of red wine for dinner. I don't know why I thought it would help, but after eating only a banh mi all day it was a real noob move.

Not sure what I was thinking there, but at least I managed to get my edit on/feel like trash today. Monday, monday...