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Thursday, June 30

Go house or go...home?

It seems like everyone is trying to buy condos these days anywhere they can get their hands on one. In the suburbs, uptown or downtown, it doesn't seem to matter so long as they can get on that list and make that down payment. I get it (maybe), it's a lifestyle choice right? Living in a busy area, spending most of your time out and about, sex and the city right?

While everyone living downtown is getting like 74762% more action than me I gotta say that condo living isn't really my style and I don't really have any desire to live in a super crowded area either. I also have to say that (except for that one month I spent in an apartment in Beijing) I've never actually tried it before, so just as easily as I've typed that nonsense in I could totally be contradicting myself some years down the road.

Maybe it's because I have tons of crap, but man where would you keep your stuff? I know people with 1 or 2 bedroom condos and they are quite impressive shoe boxes, but if I were in a place like that I'd probably go stir crazy and end up spending tons of cash because I couldn't sit around at home and needed to go out and do something. I guess maybe if I had a huge place like in Friends then I could handle it, but if it was just a one bedroom closet apartment that I'm paying mortgage + condo fees on, I'd probably eventually just jump out the window.

I mean sure you might get a locker and a parking spot but where would you keep your winter tires, bike, gun locker, skis and your zombie apocalypse supplies? I can't imagine giving my bike a tune up on the balcony, sharpening my skis in the kitchen or stripping down some rifles for a good cleaning on my one coffee table, but where else would you do it?

Without a doubt I'm a suburbanite through and through. I like wide open spaces, laying in my backyard, not having to take an elevator to get to my car and walking all over my parents house doing stuff. Even when I was in school renting a room, I had a place with my own separate washroom (from my foolish roommates). I even had a shower curtain that was a picture of a mountain landscape with a lake and animals that I mounted inwards so I could feel like I was bathing in a waterfall (or something like that). That's how much I like my space.

I guess the bottom line is: until I can trick some chick into loving me marry some lucky woman and we're pulling in dual income there's no way I can afford a legit house. So while a condo living is not in the books (I guess), it's gotta be a detached, semi or townhouse at least. As cool uncool as it is, I can't live with my folks forever so...

Now renting...that's a whole other post...

What a week. Long weekend, here I come...