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Monday, March 7

Your bureau has been adjusted...or something like that...

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good romantic movie...but usually under the context of a comedy. Hell, 50 First Dates, The Holiday and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights are some of my favorite things to watch because that shit just makes you smile. Romantic dramas kill me though like Ghost or the movie where Hugh Jackman lives under that tree in space and it explodes - I die a little inside when I see stuff like that...

I watched that movie The Adjustment Bureau and it was crap. It was exactly the movie I thought it would be, which is a sappy romance that involves people wearing stylish fedoras and talk about fate. I'm quite certain Gnomeo & Juliet (she's in it too) would have been a better call and I actually stayed up and watched The Rundown afterward to get the bitter taste out of my eyes mouth.

Anyway, that was a post-requisite to the main event of the evening which was a Krispy Kreme run.

The last time I had donuts from that places was when the first opened that location. My cousin and I did the two dozen deal and killed both boxes (plus the samples waiting in line) in one sitting. It was glorious.

Seems like things have really gone downhill since then as most of the donuts they produced that night got packed into boxes and put into palettes to get shipped. The place was pretty empty otherwise.

The smell was intoxicating and you can just inhale those things as they just melt in your mouth...

I just want to stick a slice of pizza under the icing waterfall and chew on it.

Remember this guy? Well he's also the captain of a dragon boat team called Swordfish. I joined the team this year and as part of a gentleman's agreement he agreed to eat a Luther Burger. His identity has been concealed once again (just barely). On with the show!

The usual suspects, fresh of the line...

How weird is it to walk into Alice Fazooli's with a box full of donuts? Not weird, awesome.

The perp...Not quite a Luther Burger, but maybe a Luther Panini? Good enough for me him.

Cruel and delicious punishment...

Getting in shape for dragon boat season is great.