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Thursday, July 28

Fiio E5 + PS3 = I can use my ATH-M50

I'll be honest, despite my best efforts I still suck at PS3. I'm as clumsy with those DS3 controllers as I am with bra straps model airplanes... Although I managed to get my affairs in order (aka Pro Perks care of Double XP weekend) I'm nowhere near as smooth as I was back when I decided to make the switch from PC. I mean, that's not to say that I was particularly awesome on computer either, but at least I could justify tea-bagging fools hold my own in any lobby.

With some pretty awesome games coming out later this year it's tempting to switch back but I'll just have to cave in resist I guess. One thing about PS3 is that the pace is so slow because after each game you return have to the lobby, vote on the next map and then wait for it to start. On PC servers can run exclusive maps (ie: you can play 24/7 Nuketown, Jungle or Firing Range anytime you want) and the maps just cycle immediately after each round whether you like it or not (no pee breaks allowed).

In any case, since the sound of gunshots, explosions and 12 year olds telling me to eat their shit and die freaks my children out, I find myself using headphones more often that not. As a result I have Audio Multi-Output enabled so I can plug in a pair of headphones and mute the volume when I want.

The one problem with this setup is that there really isn't any control of the volume output from the component cable of the PS3. Aside from the in-game settings you're stuck with some pretty weak volume trying to drive your badass headphones. Kind of makes Ninja Pro more or less useless.

Solution: a $17 amp off eBay. I mean this isn't exactly an Astro Mixamp but for less thatn $20 shipped what would you expect. Bottom line it works and gets the job done.

It's not bad actually. It re-charges via USB, comes with all the cables you need and it's small enough that you could use it with your iPod.

My setup goes like this: PS3 RCA output > RCA Y adapter to 3.5mm > FiiO E5 > Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Another view. My 3.5mm headphone jack barely cleared the volume button, so beware. It's a small device but it actually makes a difference. You can turn it down low or up so high that it's unbearable so there's some real range there. I did notice a little tiny bit of distortion when it's pumped up loud though, but it only happened for some gunfight sounds and not all the time.

All in all it does make a huge difference in driving the sound without having to go all out on a $250 mixamp/headphone setup. Much more flexible than nothing and well worth it, in my opinion.

From left to right 3.5mm jack, volume up/down, power and bass boost switch.

Ninja say what?