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Friday, May 13

Grinding for those Black Ops Nova gas kills...what about Prestige icons?

I don't think I'll Prestige in Black Ops ever again. After I did my 1st Prestige I was all like, ZOMG MUST GET GOLD GUNS AND SKULL BADGE NOW! I'm currently at lvl 43 again and by my broad estimation it would take me 2 years to get to 15 Prestige lvl 50 at this rate. Yeah, achievements were a hell of a lot faster the 2nd time around, but pimpin' really isn't that easy.

Here's a little perspective for you: the guys at Machinima (Seananners, Hutch & Co.) took turns and did a 24/7 live stream to see how fast they could get to 15 Prestige. It took them about 25 days - 17 days 19 hours of actual in game time with a final KDR of 1.06! Sounds about right as it took me a little over 4 months / 1 day actual play time to get 1 Prestige.

If you think about it that's a long time, especially for people who don't actually play video games for a living. It also gives you an idea of the time you spend sitting in lobbies and loading screens and designing your playercard, facepaint and camo.

If you don't know what Prestiging is let me drop some knowledge on you. In a nutshell, once you hit lvl 50 you unlock the option to Prestige. After a few confirmation screens, you've given up EVERYTHING you've earned up to that point, but have gotten a shiny new emblem in return. The emblem shows up next to your name for others to see. Repeat 14 more times.

Now that you're back at lvl 0, with 0 cash and crap guns - it's time to unlock everything all over again. Fun right? I love me my video games, but I'm still just an addict a casual gamer after all and starting back at square one every now and again is a hard pill to swallow if it's taking me weeks to get there.

Despite returning to my somewhat questionable run around and react faster than the other guy play style, I'm pretty decent player with a KDR at around 1.15 - judge me as you will but the mouse actually made a difference (I think). Just like before, grinding for those pro perks is what's holding me back because that shit is tough. Most of the time you just have to play enough or work the probabilities to run into some of those situations.

I mean you shouldn't rely on Pro Perks but when people be shooting noob tubes, flashing you left/right/center and constantly getting those 2 kill spy planes I'll leave Prestiging to the pros and just cheese them with my own loadouts.

Luckily, the stuff I like to use such as Scavenger and Sleight of Hand come pretty fast and naturally just by playing - I think I got them all before level 10 the second time around. The next easiest to get are Ghost and Warlord. But for the other ones, shit is just hard because those #3 challenges are usually pretty annoying. Here are a couple examples:
  • Flak Jacket Pro: Throwbacks - Throw back 5 enemy Frag grenades. Honestly, who the hell doesn't cook grenades nowadays? WTF
  • Hacker Pro: Near Equipment Kills - Kill 25 enemies within the radius of your Jammer or Motion Sensor. I hate camping. Always.
  • Tactical Mask Pro: Nova Gas Kills - Kill 20 enemies poisoned by your Nova Gas. Yeah I'm that one dude using Scavenger and always popping Nova gas all over the place.
After going 5-27 for about 6 games the other night while grinding for pesky objective game-type challenges, I decided it wasn't in my best interest to re-earn these things 13 more times over. It was probably the most detrimental session to my combat record ever and I didn't even really achieve much. But I mean other than Prestiging, completing the challenges is the only other thing you really have to show from multiplayer anyway.

I've only seen a couple gold guns in my time, and in all fairness those guys were awesome. But man, if I played that much I'd be awesome too. Hopefully.

The only tip I have other than not playing games is that since you do lose all your cash when you Prestige, you should definitely blow it all on playercard unlocks before since it's the only thing your really get to keep afterwards.

Yes my name is FREE BEER 4 ALL and my playercard says "get real noob"... Anyway, enough game talk.


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