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Tuesday, October 4

Fat guy tries to run - Part 2: Running alone is mentally challenging...and I'm mentally weak.

So I forgot about this shirt I had in my gym bag and the thing had been brewing for like a week. I didn't know that it was possible for my body to make something smell so bad, especially since I smell like lavender and peaches 95% of the time. It was rotten. Really, really rotten.

Anyway, this week is supposed to be the grunt of my so called "training", but I must admit that last week didn't exactly go as planned...

I tried to do a 4km outdoor run but basically DNF. It ended up braking down into a 2.22/13 min and 1.43/7 min pieces. It was kind of disheartening. I ran 2km at the Y after boxfit on Tuesday and then the rest of the week was just filled with nonsense. I ran my ass off and slid thrice during my softball championships on Thursday, which didn't really help anything, but as a result I just jacked up my knees again.

In any case I learned 3 things :

ONE - I need to warm up. I always run post-practice or post-workout, so I'm already warmed up and loose. I should have known better because it's exactly the case when I ride too hard initially and just burn out/struggle for the first 30 mins. I guess that's what happens when you're out of shape Personally, I have a hard time jumping straight into exercise and with these cold temps I gotta get the blood going or probably get injured (again). So I'm old and need to ease in, but when your running pace is barely faster than a brisk walk, it's probably stretching or something that I have to do too.

TWO - It's lonely. At practice you're running against your team. On the track there's always people around to try and keep pace with. On the streets you're alone and it sucks. Maybe it's inexperience, but I have a hard time keeping a pace, judging distance and apparently climbing gentle slopes. I gave up, weak.

THREE - Technology helps/sucks. I've been trying to use that app called the RunKeeper but I really hate carrying/wearing my phone. I don't ever wear sunglasses or listen to music when I do any sports, and the armband is uncomfortable as hell. I hate the idea of this thing strapped on but I do like the fact that it tracks your progress and calls out your pace/time/distance. It's very useful so I think i'm going to have to buy a fanny pack or something...

And my knees are killing me. I tried to do it without a brace at first but then the thing just flared up and it's filled with juice. Apparently my thunder thighs legs got huge recently because my brace just cutting my circulation off and making my leg weak. I had to just use one of those tensor bands with a patella support hole. Having the knee of a 60 year old is weak sauce. I'm going for at least another 4 or 5 km this week. No matter what.


Abdullah Salim said...

Wanna do a run on Thursday after work? Text/IM me.