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Wednesday, October 12

Promag Marauder Magazine Review (HINT: AA922 sucks)

So I've had some pretty lame issues with the ProMag Marauder magazine included with my kit, as in it was totally unusable out of the box. One of the risks of pre-ordering a brand new product? It might have issues, and apparently mine did.

I've heard that the feed lips were faulty on some of the first batch runs, so I'm guessing that I got one of those. I'll admit that the lips looked pretty sloppy and my doubts were confirmed as it would not feed properly - rounds kept jamming just below the lips so they would never make it into the chamber.

Here's what mine looks like now compared to something that actually works...

I did do the sanding trick and the lips do seem to feed WAY more consistently, but I shouldn't have had to do something like that in the first place.

That trick was to basically sanding down the insides so that the follower can move a little more freely in order to push the rounds though the magazine and lips.

I did contact the dealer I got mine from to see if it was covered by warranty, but he said that "You will need to contact promag directly for replacement if that is needed. No spare parts are given to dealers." I don't know if that's exactly true since, from what I understand, Hical.ca is distributing lips for warranty and also selling replacements.

I did try to contact ProMag though, but emails to tech support are like messages in a bottles thrown into an ocean...

One of the other issues I've been having is that it's really difficult to load more than 15 rounds into it. On top of that wire which keeps cutting your finger, trying to get too many rounds in there is proving to be a real pain.

It was actually bending the casing of the previous rounds because they were so hard to push in.

One possible solution? A speed loader.

Unfortunately, while the magazine does fit in (even with the sleeve on) it jams and ruins even more rounds. I didn't just spin the loader knob like a savage, I twisted it slowly just to see if it would load, but it didn't.

It would keep jamming after 2 or 3 rounds, possibly because of the messed up lips or that guide wire. I think they need to improve their design because that guide wire is so troublesome.

I've heard rumors that they might sell steel lip replacements, and I'll jump on those as soon as they're out, but in the meanwhile I might order some plastic replacements just so I can get some use out of the magazine this year.

I've learned my lesson with the pre-ordering, so I'll probably get more Marauder mags sometime next year after they work out all the bugs. What a shame.

Looks goofy but works. Oh well...