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Tuesday, October 11

Gobble Gobble...

What a grab bag of fun and exhausting activities this weekend has been...

All I can say is that I better do some exercise soon because I can feel my ass jiggling from the amount of delicious food I consumed over the past 3 days. Since RunKeeper tells me that my single unit of exercise over the weekend burned a solid 484 calories, turns out deep fried lobster and lava cakes are delicious I have a pretty big mountain to climb.

Anyway, the race is on Sunday and while my training has been going OK I haven't ran as many 5km pieces as I think I should. I will probably also pick up some running swag this week so at least I don't look like a complete noob at the start line, and I'd also like to say that I'm probably looking forward to carbing up the night before way too much.

Seeing as how half the people in the 5 km will probably be walking while pushing strollers I'm expecting the competition/hate to be strong, come race day.

The final plan is a 3km + 5km + 4km this week leading up to the main event. If all goes well I should land a sub 29 minute time which is a personal best (by default).

I also picked up these things called KontrolFreeks after learning that a bunch of the top YT commentators use them on their Onzas.

I won't lie, since my PS3 game is pretty weak I'll take any advantage I can get. I now have $20 worth of extra swag, hanging off my knobs and buttons trying to help my clumsy fingers out. Although awkward at first, the KontrolFreeks made a real difference in control and I'm pretty sure removing them at any point would now be crippling. While that isn't saying much, I'll do anything to get that K/D up. Crutches anyone?

Unfortunately, the BF3 servers were down most of the weekend so I didn't actually get to play that much. Yes, that's me and I somehow got stuck below the soil. There's a ton of bugs in this beta, so I'm expecting a huge first patch once I buy this game on the 25th.

I'll post something of actual content tomorrow (once I'm somewhat recovered)...