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Monday, October 3

Nuit Blanche: Worst Tradition Ever

I'm pretty sure that I like the idea of Nuit Blanche much more than the actual event itself, mostly because it's just too damn busy (and I hate walking). It's the busiest you'll ever see Toronto at night, the art is borderline acceptable art and they didn't even give out free energy drinks this year.

I think I took a total of 8 pictures and they all sucked. Hard. There was no redemption, only more embarrassment and the shame of carrying around a 4 pound SLR (on my awesome BlackRapid) to remind me that waiting in lines in overcrowded areas isn't all that great.

It's more or less just a reason to get it and roam around with your so called friends because I know most of these people aren't having that much fun either. If it weren't for the BB party then don't know if I would have made the trip because this now 3-year old tradition is kind of getting weak (I'll probably still go next year).

I mean haven't you guys seen the movie Contagion? If somehow a diseased squirrel out in Algonquin had gotten eaten by a wolf, who would have eventually gotten eaten (and worn) by me, then that might have been the end of civilization as we know it.

Anyway, at least this other tradition still remains awesome - The Banana Boat Flip Cup Challenge: Rookies vs Veterans. The Veterans prevail once again, booyah.

Anyway, that's officially the end of that chapter, but I still have one trick left up my sleeve...if I actually manage to pull it off.

See you freaks next year!