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Thursday, October 27

See...something like this could never happen in COD

So I actually jumped into the Single Player campaign and it's more or less you sprinting/following people in alley ways, then getting violently stabbed by a terrorist out of nowhere when you can't press 'O' in time. They're also dishing out some serious story line cheese with missing Russian nukes, attacking American soil, terrorists in the Middle East - all that good stuff.

Anyway, here's some interesting things that I've learned from multiplayer (so far):

  • Only respawning actually deducts from the reinforcement tickets - reviving a downed player doesn't count (unless he chooses to suicide).
  • Tactical lights and lasers attachments blind you even in daylight.
  • Pressing knife will make you slash, but holding it too long will actually switch to knife...not so good in the middle of a close range gun fight.
  • Sniper rifle scopes give off glints (to help you spot bush campers).
  • Down on the directional pad can controls rate-of-fire on some guns, and up toggles the attachment.
  • Flying choppers is very difficult nonsense.
  • Just like BFBC2 you have to actually quit the game to exit a multiplayer session, ie: you can't exit to main menu EVER.
This is also why Battlefield is so interesting: barely any kills, less than 1.0 KDR, top of the leader board and my team wins. It's a real team effort.

I still wish they had 64 player support but it's still fun.