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Thursday, June 10

Is my clutch wearing out? Who knows...

At this point in time, I can't tell whether I've been wearing out the clutch or whether I'm just getting more awesome at driving manual. I have way less than 10,000 KM on the car since its only about a month old so I have no idea if it's me or whether...it's me. Lately as the weather has been getting warmer, I find myself a lot less jerky when driving around and the clutch a lot smoother. I don't know if this is because I've glazed the thing over or I'm just getting more used to it. Maybe it's the weather?

Yeah, I down shift to brake sometimes, heel-toe sometimes and get all up in the VTEC sometimes, but I take it pretty easy most of the time. I'm not exactly 4 fast 4 4urious, because after all I did buy a Civic. I launch at around 1.5K, shift around 2.5K, but I also drive in stop and go traffic every day...

I may feather the clutch sometimes or add a little gas while letting it go to get a smooth shift from 1-2-3, and I even slip it in stop and go traffic. Aren't clutches these days supposed to be able to handle this every day wear and tear?

My clutch engagement point has moved up in the last month (I could very well be imagining this), but the 8th gen Civics have a self-adjusting clutch pedal so that the travel is supposed to stay consistent. But apparently the self-adjusting sucks, so you can't judge clutch wear based on the travel.

I don't think I experience any slippage, even when I floor it the clutch still grabs and doesn't rev up. When I let off the gas, it doesn't lag when slowing down. So as far as I know, I haven't experienced any slipping.

Am I being paranoid or am I expecting a $1,000 Honda bill pretty soon? At least I know a few people who I can ask...