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Wednesday, June 23

Team building exercises and earthquakes...

So at work today we attended our annual meeting, during which the big wigs tell us what's to come over the next year and how our ass is grass it affects us. People come from across Ontario and the to Toronto for this day long event, and it's one of the few times we actually get to meet the faces behind the emails and see all the teams together.

One of the activities during the day was a team building exercise, for which we had to choose our own theme and build something together using Lego. We won. It might not look like much but there are so many technology related puns in there that it took 1st prize. That's why they hired us...to make clever things out of Lego and sell it to the upper management.

Apparently this design was so incredible that it's greatness was felt across the province. But seriously in the bottom floor of the building we didn't even feel anything. On the top floor people were evacuating (just in case) because stuff was moving around...we were so enthralled in playing with Lego and eating candy that we didn't even know what was going on outside.