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Monday, June 14

New Mortal Kombat movie? Awesome.

So I had to do some work on the weekend and thanks to all this new fangled technology, the idea is that I don't need to physically be in the office to do it. Well that idea screwed me as Windows XP continues to do it's best at making life miserable for corporate rats everywhere.

I was in Whitby on Saturday helping Kevin and the gang move into their new house, then at 6 I was supposed to quickly remote into the office, do some work and then GTFO. It did not go as planned.

After a whole bunch of useless calls to helpdesk (what's new?), I finally MacGyver the thing and eventually get the work done and finish of off on Sunday without having to actually go in. When I got into the office this morning I found that my workstation had blue screen of deathed at some point. Thanks Windows.

Anyway, here are some trailers to cheer me you up on this Monday.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

And Scott Pilgrim for good measure...