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Monday, June 28

Screw the G20, praise Zeus it's over

You know, there are very few times that you can actually turn off your motor and just sit in traffic. It's pretty ridiculous that while some cops are fiercely battling rioters, others are just chillin' along the highway, and I've even seen some guys sleeping in their cop cars.

Despite all that, we still had dragon boat practice yesterday and everyone showed up! We had so many people that our captain had to sit out (again) - what a good sport. That's more respectable than missing the boat due to your AWOL cousin. I don't know if there is such thing as a bench warmer in dragon boat (shore warmer?) but he's probably going to be the first ever - talk about lack of commitment. If 22+ people can make it downtown in all that fuss, I have zero pity for the guy. Haters gonna hate.

On a side note I was working on this week's edit when tragedy struck!

That progress bar was destined to never move again, so it looks like I'll have to start over. What a pain. At least I can look forward to a 3-day work week and some white water rafting ;)


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