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Tuesday, June 15

YouTube says: The upload failed due to an unknown error.

Fail sauce. What up with that?!

Here's some sort of temporary fix which seems to work.

UPDATE: This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Jay said...

The temporary fix does not still work and comes up with the same error: "The upload failed due to an unknown error."

Here is the proof check out this screenshot:

Please help and youtube please fix this problem quick :S

Jay said...

Even the url in the above screenshot is the url for the old basic uploader near where is says "Upload problems? Try the basic uploader (works on older computers and web browsers)." And it still doesnt work and comes up with the same error. Sigh sucks big time. PLEASE FIX QUICK YOUTUBE. YOUR A MAJOR WEBSITE, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS. YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY. BASIC ERRORS, NOOBS

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