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Friday, June 4

Newsflash: Credit Valley Hospital ER still sucks

So in a weird turn of events I ended up at Credit Valley ER the other night because my grandma took a bit of a spill and ended up breaking/crushing her wrist. Life happens you know...

Anyway, the last time I was in the ER was last February when I separated my shoulder, and let me tell you the service still sucks. Well part of it anyway. While the actual doctors and nurses doing the treatment were great, I don't know what the deal is with receptionist that checked us in was, but her ridiculous attitude really got to me.

So I get in there and walk over to reception, I'm waiting in line because there's no clear area to wait and the lady's all like, "Do you need to see a doctor or something?" She was practically doing the hand back and forth snapping her finger thing, and I'm like, "I don't but my grandmother does..." She sort of looks over at her...OK...is this one of those standby to standby situations, are you going to help me or should I go and get a bite to eat? Anyway, after waiting in the non-existent line for a while I check her in and the lady continues with, "Go and have a seat, there are 7 people ahead of you and you'll be waiting for a long time" Thanks, a little less bitchitude next time maybe.

So the time comes when she's doing some sort of assessment she goes on asking questions about general health or allergies and this and that, then she asks if she speaks Cantonese or Mandarin, I tell her Hakka Chinese blah blah blah blah, stop it lady she speaks English perfectly fine. She can understand how much of an idiot you are everything you say to her. Don't assume that just because she's an old Chinese lady that she's too FOB for Canada's national language. She is a citizen after all.

Dammit white woman, you know what they say: Don't assume, because when you assume you make an asshole out of you.

Anyway, here are some boredom shots from waiting 382983238 hours there.

They're probably doing their best - maybe it's been a long shift or maybe it's because they see so many people coming through the ER that they develop some sort of lack of interest presumptuous attitude cynicism who knows what...but when someone comes into the ER, presumably because they have some sort of legit problem, stop sexting your loser boyfriend for one sec and do your job.

There's my rant for the day. Is it Friday yet? Yes it is.