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Sunday, July 11

The drought is over! ...and miscellaneous debris.

So we did it - F division Champs! We threw down 2:34.90, 2:27.97 and 2:25.77 in our final. While that was nowhere as impressive as last year, my happiness level is through the roof as I finally have something to show for this sport. Damn those 1st years who got medals in their first regatta ever, lol.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty clear that we had a lot of first race jitters (just check the differences in our times!), with half of the boat being brand new and all. The marshals were also all over the place as we never got to warm up even once (I'm pretty sure I pulled my groin (again)). And the fact that we were short an entire bench caused a lot of moving around of positions all over the boat as well. Despite all that noise we managed to somehow make it through.

Not bad for our first race of the season, but as our coach said: We got a shit load lot of work to do. Pimpin' ain't easy.

I also managed to get in a morning mountain bike with Jon today, and let me tell you that biking ain't easy either. That or Jon has deceived me for years and is secretly a cyborg since he totally disgraced my fat ass with his mountain biking prowess (aka fitness level and trail savvy) as I was literally left in the dirt. Meanwhile, I managed to fly over my handlebars into a soft pile of mud. That was pretty much the most extreme part of the ride...that and also being on the edge of dying from exhaustion or a cliff at any given point.

On top of that, after showing no general interest in the World Cup, I also managed to watch it. While my previous soccer cup watching total pretty much comes up to 0.5 hours of some game 2 weeks ago, I have to admit that watching the final was pretty exciting. I especially enjoyed the jump kick to the chest and the fact that the ref was dropping yellow cards like they were hot. But really, any excuse to get together with friends over food and drink is good enough for me.

Then to cap it all off, we ended up getting some ice cream and watching Predators, which was definitely not one of the best things in the World. Damn the HST because I forgot to bring some of my beloved coupons and had to pay up.

So now I'm officially burnt out and going to bed at 9:30. Monday morning, here I come.