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Monday, July 26

NEWSFLASH: Dragon boat gets some media coverage.

Seems like I've been writing a lot about dragon boating lately but it's all I really got going on but it's all I can really think about this morning, as my body is mangled from what was probably the hardest 2-hour practice ever yesterday, and I'm looking forward to struggling tonight as well.

On the upside we did manage to hit up some pretty good food at this Pakistani place called Lahore Tikka House and I even managed to try out cow brains for the first time (salty, tastes like cooked oysters), which was pretty interesting. All of that eventually lead to the meat sweats but was satisfying overall (thank goodness I didn't have to drive home after as the itis set in hard). The place was pretty ghetto, but fitting as we were all drenched in Lake Ontario water + hardcore sweat after all.


On a more fun note, it's always cool to see yourself on TV. ALWAYS. I remember when I was on Rogers cable that one time for playing in some tennis tournament and then on the Speed channel the other during one of those random close up of cheering fans in the crows shots, and I almost shit my pants (twice). Maybe I did, I can't remember because the experience was just that intense.

Anyway, it just so happens that the Banana Boat's team Captain was on eTalk on CTV during a segment called Jully in July, where Canadian singer Jully Black tries some fun activity in and around the T DOT. In this segment she paddled with the GWN Premier Women, which is probably the most winningest all female team in the sport (and I probably just made that stat up but they do win a lot it seems), to give dragon boating a try.

Check out the GWN Premier Women's site for a good looking crew. And by good looking team I mean a boat full of hot chicks, and not referring to their paddling skill btw. I think they're currently in Macau for the World Championships representing Canada at the moment so cheer them on.