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Friday, July 23

Extreme mountain biking in Burlington!

Maybe just for me because I felt like I was on the brink of a heart implosion every now and again, but at least Jon let me lead for a while after I pleaded for mercy.

It's an interesting area in Burlington that we rode once again. From Snake Road you can enter the trails ride along the Bruce trail, and if you come out and ride along the roads you'll see eventually signs for Waterdown, Hamilton and Flamborough. I swear, at any given point if someone were to ask me where I was my best answer would be Ontario.

The convenient part is that if you get lost you can follow the train tracks back to Snake Rd. (if you choose the right direction). The inconvenient part is that it destroys your balls riding along the track (hello padded bike shorts). If it wasn't for the master of the trails' sense of direction riding next to me I'd be toast bacon.

Anyway, prepare for some video that is at 1000% of the original speed. If you're epileptic I would probably not watch it...

In related news, I find the GoPro video under heavy shade and overcast gets extremely noisy and the color gets very faded. For best results use in direct sunlight (is what they don't tell you).