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Friday, July 23

Now for something completely different...

I'm struggling pretty hard at work right now so I thought I'd blog rather than hurt my brain. It's all because we went to the Toronto Burlesque Festival yesterday and we didn't get out until way later than I would like to for a work night (I'm weak!). TGIF.

It was opening night and not knowing what to expect I was completely surprised with how fun the show was and even more so with the turnout (In a good way). I essentially thought it was going to be a huge sausage fest but apparently more girls than guys like to see this kind of thing and The Gladstone Hotel was packed. Not your average Thursday night at all, unless you're Mickey Rourke or something.

Anyway, it's not raunchy or weird as you might think, but rather a really fun/funny event where the women act and perform with confidence, they fling around gay and sex jokes like nobody's business and the audience totally gets into it.

Festival ProgramThe Gladstone Hotel

On a side note there are male burlesque performers as well...did not know that. Pretty much made the girls go ape shit even more so than with the other performers. I didn't know that this type of even was such a big photo op. A few creepy guys coming by themselves with tons of camera gear and video cameras FTL.

I'll post some of the crappy cell phone pictures I took later, I have to sort through the ones what are not safe for anyone...


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