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Wednesday, July 7

Extreme adventure rafting/The GoPro lives...

So I'm still slowly sorting through this rafting footage (heat wave has turned me into a bum is making me lazier than usual) and I'm still pretty surprised that that GoPro made it out alive since it is called Extreme Adventure Rafting after all...


While I'll admit that I was pretty scared about the whole waterproof part, I now have a fair amount of confidence in the housing and the strength of the mounts (although I opted not to bring it out for a second day...also had nowhere to charge it). It withstood the rapids, the constant banging against my paddle and scraping up against the boat and rocks.


While skiing and biking with the camera is one thing, being completely submerged in water and getting hammered by rapids is another.


The part that I was most afraid of was the top flipping open and the camera ejecting just like us out of the boat. All it really takes is a flick for the thing to disengage.


A smarter version of me would have stuck a piece of duck tape over the top just to make sure but apparently I wasn't that clever at the time. All I did really was tie a shoelace around one end, tie the other end to my life jacket and hope for the best.


Anyway, watching the videos, 6 person rafting is really more violent that you would imagine. When the guide flips the boat you pretty much go instantaneously from your seat into rapids, with a nice face full of water.


As a spectator you can see the part where someone falls like 4 feet off a vertical boat onto the guy next to you (which is probably why I have bruises all over), but from a first person point of view you're basically sitting one second and in the drink the next.


At the same time though, rafting is also really exciting and super fun provided you can swim...otherwise I think it would basically be a struggle for your life. Pansy.


You can embed a flickr slideshow? Who knew!