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Sunday, July 25

St. Catharines has crappy starts

The weird thing about the St Catharines Regatta is that the current is so strong on the river that the race times get super skewed as a result. The worst part is that with that strong current it's impossible to have a fair start as it is constantly sweeping the boats down stream even as you sit there.

It's hard to put the blame on the organizers because the river conditions are so crazy, but the starts gave some teams (including ours) very unfair advantages as some teams were doing their best to hold the boat dead while others are actually traveling through the start line with a fair bit of speed. The starter just instantaneously calls it when the boats are more or less lined up, but he never takes into consideration the fact that some boats have a running start.

It sucks to see your medal round race go to luck and chance.

We finished 3rd place in the B division. The time in the above race was 2:03 (yeah I know). You can see the rest of the videos HERE.