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Monday, September 27

Row-Bots @ Stratford!

...and that's the last dragon boat edit for the year (maybe).

I'm not going to lie, much like the last RB video, getting this one done was like fighting a black bear with a golf pencil. Usually I'd love me some video editing, but every time I launched Premiere Pro for this I felt like Superman getting a shard of kryptonite shoved under his finger nail.

I'll be the first to admit that the RB edits have been rough around the edges, but it's tough to pull something from nothing - a sorcerer like myself can only do so much with like 5 clips. The lesson here is that footage doesn't take itself. I can't blame the RBs though because the helmet cam game is new to them and probably a bit more awkward than they expected. But they wanted it, so I did my best - I never say no, except to your mother.

Banana Boat's trying to get me to throw together a year end re-cap, but I have to admit that I've also gotten ultra a bit lazier, heh. There's a shit load like 4 months of stuff to go through there, so it'll come probably in October (maybe)...

As for db itself, that's pretty much that. BB had our year ender on Saturday night and the RBs did a Thursday night ordeal last week.

Looks like I'm also taking over the BB blog (Naturally. *finger gun*wink*). Time to start recruiting for next year...

Sorry Germany.