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Friday, February 4

I'm alive and on fire...but still kind of sick.

I don't know why I started thinking about this last night (okay, it was probably because of all the NyQuil I drank) but I was wondering how blind people deal with public washrooms. You know the dirty kind...

Lets say they're pretty independent and all they got their blind stick and no pal guiding them around. If it's a guy, does it mean he's gotta feel around the urinal or reach out and touch it because that's gross. Maybe he reaches a hand inside where the water comes down or on the bottom basin part or something, like just to know that it's there. Guys public washrooms are disgusting because dudes just piss everywhere.

Unless he's Matt Murdock or something then his white/red stick senses can only get you so far (I guess?). Then what? Does he unzip and touch his wang, or grab the stick again and get it dirty too? For some reason I picture a guy wearing sunglasses with the stick tucked under his armpit peeing on the diagonal across from the stall on some dude's foot who doesn't want to say anything to a guy who just put his hand inside the toilet water (unflushed)...these are the thoughts that occupy my mind.

Germs are everywhere...those washrooms are just AIDS waiting to happen.

Anyway, in other news Danko is back in Toronto...This is it.

And finally, my good friend Kate out in Van City just started a blog the other day, and since I'm all for everyone blogging go ahead and show her some love.

Now since this cold has been holding me down all week...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND TO BEGIN.


Van City All-Star said...

Thanks for the love JChang! Good luck at your next spin class...hilarious as always.