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Monday, February 28

Ski resorts are run by Australians...

It's a weird feeling to have lost your voice due to violent coughs. You try to talk but all that comes out is a depressing shell of that awesome man-voice that once was. I don't know if if this is how people usually lose their voice, but talking above a whisper or breathing too deeply with throw me into a 10-minute cough-a-thon that's enjoyed by no one. But at least it's not a fever...

Anyhow, here's my Monday morning generalization/stereotype for you (and improper use of the colon): towns like Golden and Revelstoke are run by three types of people: locals, ski bums and Australians.

The Locals - These guys are raised by the thin air and deep snow. They don't care that you're from out of town, aren't concerned with your lack of skill, just get out of their way when they hike past you and mind the beard. They usually have the fattest skis and watching these guys shred is usually like watching a movie. Somehow their snowpants are always pretty dirty from carving the mud well into spring but it's all steeze since they do what they want.

The Ski Bums - I don't know where these kids come from but they'll take any job they can get for that free ski pass. Cleaning rooms, washing dishes, serving fries, whatever. They might make $10/hr, but considering that this job gets them unlimited $80/day lift tickets and access to whatever they want, they do what they need to do and just love life. Get your degree kids, but thanks for giving me way too much yam fries working the line high though.

Australians - I don't know if hospitality degrees are a popular thing down under but odds are if you're somewhere awesome, then a hot Australian hostess with long dark hair, deep sultry eyes, drop-dead smile and swangin' hips is probably going to check you out in and tell you there's extra blankets in the closet. I don't know if it just works out that way, but somehow they're just all straight gorgeous. Hearing them talking about skiing the back country just warms your heart. Skiing Ayers rock must get boring pretty quick, eh?

Compared to where I live, these towns are small. Real Small. You gotta really love it if you're going to travel halfway across the planet to take up a desk job or clean rooms. Work hard and play hard - it's an envious lifestyle really.

Golden - 13+ KM Away from the resort.

Kicking Horse Ski Resort 23

Revelstoke - Pretty much connected to the edge of the town.

Revelstoke from the Gondola

Ahh, Monday...