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Tuesday, February 8

So I did my first spin class last night...

You know, being the smooth operator that I am I decided that it would be a great idea to hit up a cycle-fit class last night. The short version is that a bunch of screaming moms kicked my ass and then my left ass muscle cramped up. The long version is as follows...

I stroll into the Y and see on the board that there was a class coming up and I could actually make it. Thoughts of Paul's Dirty Enduro got into my head and I'm like sure why not and decide to sign up. So, I go into the classroom, grab the sheet and put my name down on one of the three available spots left - spot #2. Since there was still like 20 mins before I go upstairs to kill some time before heading back.

I'm not going to lie, I thought it might be a good chance to check out some chicks meet some of the girls I see around the Y, but it ended up just being a hardcore unexpected strugglefest. 10 mins before, the class if full and everyone's setting up when I realize that spot #2 is bike #2 right in front of the instructor. Great. I also realize that the bikes are pretty hardcore and if you had clip ins they would work on those pedals. Sweet. I also realize that like everyone seems to know everyone else in the class and are like calling me the new guy and are telling me I'm brave to sit there. What?

Class starts and the instructor is yelling all sorts of stuff that I'm trying to decipher. I make out pedaling with one leg, standing up, sticking your but out, squeezing you abs...all nonsense as I don't know what's level low/medium/high is and how to pedal well with one leg. Push ups while pedaling, changing positions on like every beat, who knew? Then when she yells "hammer" everyone just starts gives it and people are like screaming. Whoa. I'm already dripping sweat at this point.

Knowing that the class is about an hour, I look at the computer on the bike and it says 18 mins...when I realize I was in there maybe 10 mins before warming up and getting my settings right and we've only actually done about 8 mins, I think a little poop might have slipped out but I'm not sure...

I'm not gonna lie it was more brutal than expected and she did single me out a couple of times and I did sit down during some of the more ridiculous up/down/side to side things but I guess its good that I didn't bail or stop or get too out of pace.

Anyhow, 1 hour and 5 mins later, during the cool-down stretching tragedy strikes. My left glute decides to go rogue on me while trying to do some one leg squat thing. Being me, of course I was on the wrong leg and totally facing the opposite direction as everyone else. So I'm like busting this hard sweat, facing the class, just trying to keep it together and not make eye contact with anyone while my ass spasms out...smooth.

Class ends, smiles, I barely survived that round, but I'll give it another go...need redemption. Morale of the story, take more steroids and look into blood doping.


Floor hockey tonight, we're going to put up a W. Believe it.