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Thursday, March 18

Alice in Wonderland is wunderbar.

Nay, I did not celebrate St. Patter's day yesterday. I drank some beer but it definitely wasn't celebratory - I even said no when the lady asked me if I wanted the green kind - my lame-o-matic meter overloaded a little more than usual for second there. I did manage to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D though. It was pretty good and although it had tons of in your face 3D moments it didn't seem nearly as 3D as Avatar for some reason. We even caught a glimpse of the new Tron trailer too!

I guess 3D movies are the trend now, but when I go to the movies these days and use those coupons I gotta carry some spare change to pay the extra for those glasses that you throw away at the end anyway. I guess that's the price you gotta pay to see tea cups and swords flying in your face.

With all the new movies coming out in 3D though, you gotta ask yourself how they do it? I'm not Johnny Depp so I don't know what its like to have tons of teens screaming my name when I go out act in front of a green screen. It's probably gotta require some skill and imagination to talk to and prance around talking to imaginary characters on a set that doesn't really exist. That reminds me, there was a lot of running in the movie as well. Alice has got some stamina.

had a cool article explaining the process. That future technology beguiles me.


Christine said...

That is insane! I watched the movie last week, I didn't even notice a lot of the details they talk about in the article. I didn't know that the Knave's body was CGI.