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Thursday, March 4

Tequila Taste Test

Take it from a lady who has 35 types of tequila at her bar, unless it says 100% agave then you can be drinking just about anything. If it doesn't say 100% then its probably %50 agave + 50% sugar water, watered down rum or donkey urine.

We did a tequila taste test in Stowe at the Cactus Cafe, and by we I mean not me because I was DD. How's that for responsibility?

Here's a video of some guys who came in hating on tequila and knew nothing about it, but were lucky enough to get schooled on it's finder points by an old pro. I totally spy cam'd her.

This ain't your lame old Sauza.

On a technical note it took about 28 mins to encode this video (while I was playing Tetris and watching a movie at the same time), so it sure beats what would have been 3 hours on my old machine. But what was surprising is that the computer hit 68 degrees C while doing so -  too hot to handle!