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Tuesday, March 9

Spring is here? ICWTPOSS (I can't wait to put on some shorts)

One of the things that I'm still getting used to at work is the intense use of acronyms. When people talk I have no idea what's going on it's sometimes hard to follow because every second word out of their mouths is some sort of abbreviation

It ain't no joke. On the employee portal I managed to find a 7 page document with some of the most commonly used acronyms. I printed it out, and being part of a technical group I find myself adding to it daily. No shame here.

Regardless, nothing on that list compares to my favorite acronym of all time: Phil Mickelson's nickname, FIGJAM (F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me).

Maracas Bay

Golden Palace


Christopher said...

These pics look like Maracas Bay in Trinidad.

Make Me Emperor said...

Yeah, the top one is Maracas Bay, the bottom one is in Marabella.

Clinch said...

Here's 2 of my faves, one I just learned the other day:

FUNGUS - I originally heard this in a military context (it was a pilot's callsign), stands for F**k U, New Guy, U Suck.

AYMF - A friend of mine heard this from some old guy on the golf course who sliced a ball into the trees, stands for Adios, You Mother F**ker.

Apply liberally at work and on the tee ;)