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Monday, March 22

You learn something new every day...like how to take a screenshot with your iPod/iPhone

So back in the day when I first got my iPod there was no such thing as a screenshot or the app store. Jailbreaking and installing somewhat illegitimate apps apps was all the rage and we actually used the thing to listen to music. Fast forward a few years later and the story's different.

Although Apple wanted us chumps to pay for firmware 3.0 just so we could get the App Store and spend more money, there were other ways to upgrade. While over the years I've probably had every version of firmware since the original, I never knew about how to take screenshots until today.

The trick? Just press the home + lock button at the same time. I'm not exactly sure if that's what they're called but there's only 2 buttons on the thing, so unless things go horribly (wait for it) wrong, you should be able to handle it.

There. You learn something every day. Now you won't think I'm lying when I tell you my paper toss scores.