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Wednesday, March 31

MSN Status Away = Not Really Away

Admit it, most of the time when you're on your computer and have MSN Messenger open you probably have it set on away. That's not so bad, hell I even do it myself when I actually use the thing (I can't believe people still use the thing). But let me tell you that it's so stupid when you have it set on away and you have some message to remind people that you're just too busy to be online but you'll leave it on anyway just in case your fans decide to ask you how awesome whatever you were doing just happened to be. Some examples are: Going to get more drunk at the concert then at the after party thurs! It's going to be best time ever! or Party was siiiiiick! of OMG I can't believe those pictures of me from the party made it on clubzone. Don't look! www.clubzone.com

No one is keeping tabs on you want no one cares. Trust me.

You're not going to get flooded with 329103 messages if you switch to online anyway. I would rather see a link to a funny catchphrase, video, cell number or better yet just turn your MSN off while you go and have the best time ever out of everybody. It's just better that way.

And if you're invisible don't start up a conversation with me and expect me to carry it for you. I don't want to have to scroll down an unsorted list in Adium just to find your name so I can send you lol. I thought the whole point of being invisible was so that you could spy on people and not actually interact with them. I know if you go online on a Friday night you'll get ostracized, so you'd better stay invisible while messaging the other uncool people who are online and try to force a conversation on them instead.


It was the same thing with ICQ and their invisible mode and the ability to add some of your friends to see you when you were invisible in case they wanted to chat with you while you secretly. It was somehow a privilege.

Maybe I'm just anti-social I hate everyone equally. Rant rant rant...is it the long weekend yet?