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Sunday, March 14

Back in action

First, a big thanks to the Emperor for not kicking me off the blog due to my lack of posts : )

So I've been thinking about doing an Olympic recap but thought it seemed a bit silly since they ended two weeks ago...but they were just so awesome that I can't not write about them at all! I had James staying with me for the first week of the Games and we had some good times, just like back in the day. His friend Kris stayed for a few days too. We had a lot of fun going to the different houses, walking around and doing a lot of eating and drinking! The energy in the city was incredible. There were so many people in the streets at all times of the day...it was a bit mental walking around, but there was so much to see that even for someone like me who loses their patience in a crowd, you wanted to be in the middle of it! The sea of red and white was very cool to see and I miss the random high fives walking down the street.

One of the coolest things was on the day of the gold medal hockey game. I watched regulation time in a bar (which is the best way to watch a big game) and then had to work at the store...which I was very unimpressed about since most of the people I work with are gay and don't care about hockey and they had the afternoon off...anyways, I worked at 3 so the game was in overtime as I'm heading to work. The streets were dead, the city is so quiet except for the occassional "ooooh" since everyone was watching the game. Then all of the sudden the city errupted!! I couldn't see anyone but I could hear so much yelling and cheering I instantly knew Canada won! It was a neat experience. Then a few minutes later the streets filled and it was madness. The store manager was worried that we'd get "rushed"...seriously, but everyone was too busy drinking and cheering to be shopping for housewares!

The games came and went so fast and the city was in a bit of shock after they were gone. I'm glad the clock is still up, since it was counting down to the Paralympic games. The atmosphere isn't the same even though the Paralympic games are on. Some of the country/provincial houses are still open so I may check them out as the line ups will be way shorter. All in all, I think Vancouver and Canada did a kick ass job!

Now all of you come visit me in Vancouver!!