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Sunday, March 14

illScarlet was...ill?

So I went to a concert the other night and it's been a while since I was surrounded by so many teens - I think it was called high school. You know the crowd is going to be different when kids under 19 get to walk straight through security while you wait in line. There were also a fair bit of parents there but to be honest if I were to let my high school kids go to a place like that I would probably have to be there as well getting crunk and letting them student drive me home as a chaperone.

As an aside, I don't even know if kids use that anymore, crunk? I know they say ill a lot, but can I step that up and say that something is Ebola or the Plague? Or does it not work like that? Kids these days...

I wasn't too familiar with the headliner illScarlett other than having seen a couple YouTube videos and I had completely no idea who the other bands were, so I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. You know there might be some sort of generational gap when some group called StereoKid comes on and everyone rushes to the stage, goes bat-shit, crowd surfing, throwing beach balls and screaming lyrics only 2 songs into the set...and you have no idea who these scrubs are or that wearing wife beaters in public became cool again.

Is this what's cool now? Cause I have no idea. My definition of cool is based on what I see in the mirror. Thank you, thank you.

Anyway, it was fun to check out a another scene than the usual, the music was pretty awesome as well and all the beer didn't hurt either. Us old folks like to cut loose every now and again too you know.

On a different note, I got a hold of a Blackberry Curve. It's an older model but at least it was free - gonna see what all the fuss is about...maybe.

illScarlett finishing off their set StereoKid @ The Sound Academy
illScarlett @ The Sound Academy Palson Pier, Toronto
Cardinal Chase @ The Sound Academy


Tom Falinski said...

What is the point of you writing reviews. You talk about nothing of concrete value and dance around the notion that you think you are better than everyone.

Man this blog sucks.

Make Me Emperor said...

cool, thanks for reading!