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Sunday, October 10

Bullet For My Valentine @ The Sound Academy, Toronto

It's official I'm sick because of this night right here. Going riding the next day in an attempt to sweat it out didn't work as planned either as I think it just made my body weaker for the sickness to take over.

Bullet For My Valentine @ The Sound Academny, Toronto 1

Anyway, the concert was awesome, the band did like 17 encores and the venue was packed. They pretty much left the stage for like 5 mins each time, then when the cheering got intense enough, came back. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Bullet For My Valentine @ The Sound Academny, Toronto 7

I'm pretty sure they turned up the volume a little each time as well since Kevin's ears were still ringing well into the next day.

The mosh pit got pretty disgusting though when more and more people took off their shirts, but good times were had by all (Kevin also got spinning back-fisted in the face, lol).

Turkey, turkey, turkey!