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Wednesday, October 27

Eat Pray Love Vomit

So I could barely get through the Eat portion of this book before it got so ridiculous that I was ready to commit seppuku. Here's a synopsis of the 37% that I read, from a guy who pretty much only reads sci-fi the other 100% of the time.

Oh shit, I should ditch my successful career, condo downtown, house in the Hamptons and loving husband (who just wants to make it all work) for some yoga doing bro-dog because I really just need to concentrate on myself right now. All that and a family who loves me just isn't enough, so I'll use this huge advance from this novel I'm going to write to travel the world, look for attention in other countries, be over dramatic and act all smug. Being rich is great.

Hell, if some publisher wanted to pay me a ton of money to take a 12 month vacation and write about it, then I'd do it too. In my version though it would be called: "Be, Fucking, Awesome," and in it I would spend 4 months traveling across the US doing all the Man vs. Food challenges, 4 months getting ripped in Thailand learning Muay Thai, and then 4 months in Greece loving hot chicks all over the beach. And I wouldn't whine about stuff all the time either. I'm pretty sure people would read that.

Instead though, I'll just have to settle for not being rich, enjoying the weekends and working 49 weeks a year. Oh, and not trying to find a new religion or doing yoga.

I have no idea why girls seem to love this book so much, but that's why I picked it up off my sister's nightstand to find out. I waited like 4 days for the interesting part to kick in, but it never came.

I don't know what else goes on in the book or if it actually gets better but skip it and go watch Jackass 3D (which I saw yesterday (and was awesome!)) instead. Haters gonna hate.