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Friday, October 29

Brother and sister attack Japan...sort of.

Truth be told, it isn't exactly the Lonely Planet when I travel anywhere, which is probably why I don't mind doing tours tours that much. If it weren't for locals or guides I'd probably end up staring at street signs 95% of the time and being mugged the other 5%. The way I see it, if you can find a solid tour/cruise for a cheap price (where you get the low-down from people who actually know what they're talking about and also cover a lot of ground) then it's is a pretty sweet deal.

Everyone travels with different goals though - some people just want to party, some people want to take in the culture - but for me, if I'm flying any sort of great distance, I actually like to sight see while just eating every single thing that I can. For me vacation days have to be spent somewhere else, so I gotta get away whenever I can (thanks Offspring). I also still live with my parents, which gives me a fair bit of financial freedom when it comes to anything, but part of it is also getting away from them (love you Mom & Pops!).

The tour experience definitely isn't for everyone or all traveling situations, but when it comes to foreign countries where it's just you and some other person and nobody speaks English, it can work out better that way. I'm also not that brave.

Honestly, when Kevin and I were touring around Shanghai, at any given point if you were to ask me where we were, my best guess would be "China". If you're the type of person who could probably have their own show on the Travel Channel, please take me with you next time. Serious.

With that said, I still haven't made an itinerary or packed yet...awful. At least the first 3 days of Hotel are booked to get us started, Tokyo here we come.

Now here it a totally unrelated picture from when I ate sushi with the boys earlier this week. The waiter only wanted to give me one but I told him to stop holding me back.