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Thursday, October 28

Honda Civics are still USB magic.

So I made a pretty sweet discovery this morning while driving to work (which accidentally made me get my swurve on like a maniac pimp) and I don't know why I never thought about it before. Other 8th Gen owners are probably still laughing at me right now.

Anyway, back when I was getting my car, I opted out of the ridiculous $358.14 Civic i-Link Kit for your iPod. The fact that I could plug in a USB key and control it through the stereo was a huge step up for me and more than enough anyway. It never crossed my mind to even try and plug an iPod in without the kit. Today, after a bit of a one handed struggle, I ended up plugging it in anyway and almost causing an accident since my phone needed some juice.

To make a short story shorter, if you use your cable to plug your iPod into the USB jack in your center-armrest, then it loads up into your car stereo and you can you can control your music through there. WIN!

FYI, you can cycle through what it actually displays - I just used that to prove I'm not a liar since it's obvious what's going on. In the meanwhile, your iPod displays something about being in connected mode and that it's controlled somewhere else, but you can still use all the other non-music player apps while plugged in. This is the kind of shit stuff that gets me through the week...

And on a totally unrelated note, let's talk about Windows foolishness for a second. THIS stupid setting made me rage all over the office for the past two days. I have no idea how it got activated but imagine how annoying it is when you code and typing in a quotation or apostrophe doesn't work as you would expect. Is it Friday yet?