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Wednesday, October 13

Hilton Falls is a mediocre ride / probably a good hike

If you like walking your bike and twisting your ankles on jagged rocks then Hilton Falls is for you.

That's actually part of the intermediate trail you're expected to ride. Like seriously, what the hell. By my broad estimation the advanced trail, Rim Bender, is un-ride-able. People actually said to stay away from that so we chickened the shit out wisely avoided it. Our hands were pretty damn full with the blue square trail as it was.

The waterfall (that the place is actually named after) isn't exactly awe inspiring but there were a lot of families out enjoying the camp fire, fresh air and loving the scene. Kids were screaming their heads off and running rampant having a blast.

I can't really think of a nicer way to enjoy the fall colors than blazing down the trail though. Despite the fact that there were only two main bike loops we got lost constantly. The leaves are nice but cover everything up (including stuff you should probably avoid).

When it came to the single track, just pick a direction and go, then turn back if you fall into a creek. Leaves were everywhere but it was so vibrant it was like I was high on LSD. This is fall after all.

There were a couple of pretty long & sketchy bridges - this one took me 5 tries to ride across because of a dip in the middle of the bog.

It wasn't all that bad, but Kelso right across the street is 391 times better (for biking and hiking). Put the $6.25 entrance fee back in your pocket and go there next time.

Is it the weekend yet?