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Friday, October 1

Nuit Blanche 2010 - Here we come.

Nuit Blanche is tomorrow night and I can probably say that after I go to it this year it has become a tradition.

It's probably one of the busiest pedestrian traffic days in Toronto of the year, but actually it's pretty fun to wander around amongst huge crowds of camera-toting people to check the scene. It's also one of the most difficult times to try and meet up with anyone ever. Seems like we have a 0% success rate meeting up with anyone because we're all idiots everyone is constantly on the move.

Stop for a minute, people watch and take a sip of that mickey that you probably have stashed in your jacket while you wait for me to arrive.

The bars open later, the fall air is crisp and there's lots to see. Bust out your walking shoes and dust of the SLR - it should be an interesting night.