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Thursday, October 21

GoPro HD Hero - New HD Skeleton Housing

All things considered, the sound quality of the GoPro HD Hero (while in the waterproof housing) is just about what you would expect from any sort of mic enclosed in an air tight plastic box - it gets the job done but leaves something to be desired.

Recently, the company has released a bunch of new accessories including this HD Skeleton Housing, which is basically the standard case with chunks taken out of the side and back. The idea is that in non-extreme situations you can use this case and get access to the ports and enhanced sound recording while still protecting it. I'm no audiologist or anything, but the fact that it has holes all over the place should allow the mic to capture sound better right?

Why did I get it? Well, I'm going on vacation soon and you'd better believe that it's coming with me, win or fail.

If it weren't for the convex lens bulging out from the camera I would use it without any sort of housing, but the idea of scratching it scares the shit out of me.


JGthree said...

Seriously though ... my life is pretty extreme 100% of the time. I probably would have no use for this non-extreme housing.