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Monday, December 13

Another miscellaneous Monday...

Looking back at this picture now, our gingerbread house may have possibly been a bit of a train wreck, but probably not. I still stand by it 100% and think we lost only because everyone was so jealous of our groundbreaking design and m4D_5kiLlZ. What's sort of hidden is the skull and crossbones on the roof (behind the amazing palm tree/christmas star) and the candy cane impaled gingerbread child laying on the front lawn. The theme was Christmas around the World/Pirates.

The only thing more breath taking than the design was the fact that I almost got smoked by it when it was thrown off the 12th story balcony (by my own teammate). It's a good thing that I'm such a smooth operator, because I didn't even react flinch when it was flying towards my face.

The only thing more outrageous impressive than that whole ordeal was this one guy I met the next day at a Jersey Shore themed birthday party, who went all out. Not only did he do the orange tan his face, draw fake tattoos on his neck/cheek with permanent black sharpie, but he shaved a V into his otherwise burly thick chest hair so he could orange tan that area to compliment his low cut v-neck tshirt. I know this (unfortunately) because he took of his shirt to show off his hair/awesome ab and someone pointed it out. Party with that guy, trust me. Like I said, ALL OUT.