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Thursday, December 9

Christmas is for winners!

Being close to the money must be real nice, not that I would even know it... While the hundreds of people in IT who actually keep the company running get a long buffet lunch at the International Center, the entire Finance department gets an open bar Gala with taxi chits included after work. It's especially jolly when it's rubbed in your face and they say they'll have drinks for you.

We also had our other supplemental office lunch and gift exchange yesterday - leave it to the Russian guy to abruptly end the stealing game and shout, "I win!" While it's pretty much a whole day thing, it ain't no Gala.

Meanwhile no one stole this from me after I blindly opened it...

Scrabble is kind of the wrong game for someone who can barely put together a blog post...re-gift!

Update: Check out this amazing word I threw down after theshady challenged me. Despite giving away the double word, I regret nothing. I'm also somehow under the impression that every 10 year old person I play against is going to use dictionary.com to score the most ridiculous words ever.


Abdullah Salim said...

Word with Friends for the iPhone. My username is theshady. Do it!

Make Me Emperor said...

I created an account under the name 'mitochondria_force'

Prepare to win...I mean lose...