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Friday, December 3

So I went Hulk on a co-worker today...

Well he's actually a contractor that I'm supposed to be "training". But seriously this guy has been on the job for like 3 months already and still can't handle the most basic things. By basic I mean that he lets his password expire and then asks me why he can't login anywhere despite receiving pop-ups 11 days in advance that his password will expire, he complains that he receives too many emails and then proceeds to ask me questions answered in said emails, he never writes anything down and still doesn't know how to do simple tasks I've walked him through 16+ times and asks me how to do them over and over again, asks me about requests other people make to him because my psychic abilities are so accurate these days that I can totally know what they asked him about and all the details about these things I have no idea about, then he continues to go dark on Communicator and Email and doesn't respond to anyone. Guy also burps out loud, smells bad and takes too close to my face.

You know, I like to think that I'm a pretty easy going guy when it comes to anything, so for me to raise my voice at someone and tell him to go back to his cube in the middle of an otherwise silent cube farm is pretty extreme by my standards.

But when when someone receives an automated email confirming that a request he made has been completed, you have showed him online how to check the status of it, you then check the status of it right in front of him and you can both see that his request has been completed, who completed it, at what time and the details, but then he continues to ask me four times because he's not sure if this thing has been completed or not and then I explain it to him four more times, then he questions why the description in the request is so vague even though he was the one who filed the request and typed that exact description in, and then after all that asks me how to check it again...LIKE WHAT THE FRAK. The fireman is on his way courtesy of me talking to my boss...

Pour me a tall glass of rage-o-hol since I have to buy a new shirt now because I ripped off this amazing flannel I was wearing today because I was so angry.

Is it Friday yet? Shit.